18DaysInEgypt : People Collaborate to Keep the Revolution Alive

For the very first time a revolution led by the masses and powered by the web ended a 30 year reign of a brutal dictator in just 18 days. Now these very people are being called upon to make a documentary ‘18 Days in Egypt’ in a way never done before.

18 Days in Egypt aims to be a crowd-sourced documentary about what happened there during those days of revolution. The project is being led by a former New York Times video journalist Jigar Mehta, who is calling upon the people who participated in the revolution to now contribute the social media content they created during those 18 days.

Throughout the 18 day period, people made excessive use of social media tools be it Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or Flickr to communicate, organize and engage the entire world. Jigar Mehta is now asking these people to revisit their tweets, videos, pictures and to add specific tags – #18daysinegypt, the day it was done #jan25, #jan26, #jan27….#feb11, the location #tahrir, #heliopolis, #alexandria, #suez, #ndpbuilding and other specific info about the content #army, #singing, #violence, #tents, #protest so that the tagged media will be easily searchable on the Internet and make it into the documentary.

To learn more on how to participate in making of this historical documentary