3 Short Films that Will Make You MOVE, EAT and LEARN

Three films that make you want to take action and appreciate life. Three film makers from Australia decided to take their idea for inspiring action to the road. 44 days, 11 countries, 18 flights, 38 thousand miles later they had 3 short films, that make you want to MOVE, EAT and LEARN. Andrew Lees plays the role of the exploring nomad, who charms you in these compelling videos that got us excited to plan our own adventure here at Dutiee.

Get captivated and inspired to move and take action, as Andrew moves through different parts of the world, discovering things as he goes from glass-blowing to eating delicious food. Director Rick Mereki and producer Tim White bring together these 1 minute videos that make you want you to go on your own explorations.

After watching these videos if you are inspired enough to pack your bags and head out on a mini adventure, where would you go and what would you LEARN, EAT and DO?

Video: MOVE

Video: EAT

Video: LEARN

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Naureen Nayyar

I am a creative thinker that enjoys making complex ideas simple to be understood. I studied biology prior to switching into a political science degree and I have been involved in writing short stories and for a newspaper since I was in high school. Since my parents live in different continents, international development and travel have been always topics of interest in my life.