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33needs Venture LiveProud, Turning Trash Into Trendy Sportswear

Interested in a greener planet – then you’ll want to read about this company. LiveProud a US based company has found a working and profitable solution to the problem of garbage that sits forever in the landfills, polluting our environment. They are turning this trash into cool looking, high quality sportswear.

LiveProud is scanning landfills all across North America, lifting thousand of tons of plastic waste such as cell phone cases, keyboards, plastic bottles etc to make high performing wear for yoga, biking, exercising and sailing. About five recycled plastic bottles are used to produce one small size shirt and the repurposing of bottles prevent more than 5.5 pounds of carbon emissions from being released, per shirt, as well as saving enough energy to light a 60-watt lightbulb for 6 hours.

LiveProud’s turning trash into garments business is not only making money but is also having a profound, measurable impact on the environment – reduced trash, carbon emissions, energy saving and freeing up precious landfill spaces. To date they have removed over 600K cubic inches of landfill space.

Having enjoyed the initial success with recycling plastic trash, LiveProud now plans to expand their recycling and processing to handle other types of trash such as junked car parts, waste cotton and wood scraps into innovative fabrics. For this, they are raising USD 15,000 on, a web based investment platform which allows people to invest as little as $5 in high impact social ventures. In return LiveProud is offering all it’s investors really cool deals and a landfill free planet. You can learn more about their project here

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