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AdvertActivist : Crowd-funding meets Cause Marketing

If you’re tired of countless billboards and online ads selling you beer, phone plans and gadgets, and you think the space could be used for a good cause, you are not alone. Many of us wish that sometimes those ads showed us meaningful social good content.

At, we’re secretly waiting for the day when electronic billboards become ubiquitous. So we can begin streaming social good content to everyone everywhere!

The worldwide advertising industry is worth US $428 billion a year. Big companies spend huge amounts on advertising campaigns to persuade you to buy their services and products.

But what if advertising could be used for socially positive causes such as raising awareness about climate change or a political issue that is not being talked about in the mainstream media. The cost of advertising in mainstream media has so far been prohibitively high to allow socially conscious individuals and campaign groups to advertise. a crowd funding platform is helping to fund advertising campaigns that carry a positive social message with the potential to reach out to millions of people.

Collaborative Consumption meets Advertising

Campaign groups and Charities promote their ad on These groups set a target funding amount they need to raise to get their campaign featured on certain media platforms. This could be an online display advert, billboard, bus shelter, or newspaper adverts. lets people find ad campaigns about causes they feel passionate about and part fund the campaign. By leveraging the online crowd-funding model, AdvertActivist allows people to choose socially relevant ads they want to see, as well as directly contribute to the success of the ad campaign.

When collaborating on a campaign, people become powerful champions for the causes they fund. The collaborators are more likely to tell others about campaigns they are involved in, giving the cause word of mouth publicity too! Truly a brilliant idea whose time has come.

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