A map of corruption incidents crowd-sourced on ipaidabribe.com

Are You On India’s Bribe Map?

Last year, we did a story on IPaidABribe.com (IPAB), a website where people can report bribe’s they’ve paid to get access to Government services in India, as well as corruption incidents involving Government officers. IPaidABribe.com … Read more


Fashion Creates Literacy Through Crowd-Funding

BLISS is an organization that provides adolescent girls with an education as well as a livelihood through high-fashion. We previously wrote about BLISS in this article. BLISS brings girl laborers to school and provides them … Read more


Four Attitudes Defining World 2.0

This article is a follow on from our previous post on Four Movements that Define World 2.0 where we highlight systemic changes that enable social and economic interactions that are redefining a new world. World … Read more


10 Must Go Websites for Holiday Shoppers

We’re closing in fast on the holiday season! This time of year also happens to coincide with a lot of birthdays of friends and family. This year I’ve been trying to look beyond the usual … Read more

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