StartuParty: Bringing Silicon Valley Optimism to Italy

StartuParty is a tech entrepreneur meetup, Italian style. It’s a mixture of silicon valley pitch events, a techno dance party, and a garden mixer all in one night, under one roof. Italians love to mingle and socialize around their passions, so it’s not a shock that the StartuParty pitch sessions (5 minutes for 5 pitches/event) had travel apps, collaborative games, and social network ideas.
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Free Spirits Get Free Ice Cream @ Outside Lands!

No festival is complete without ice cream, and people lined up around the block at Outside Lands for their scoop of free festival ice cream. All the ice cream was courtesy of Matt Allen, who calls himself The Ice cream Man… Read more


3 Short Films that Will Make You MOVE, EAT and LEARN

Three films that make you want to take action and appreciate life. Three film makers from Australia decided to take their idea for inspiring action to the road. 44 days, 11 countries, 18 flights, 38 thousand miles later they had 3 short films, that make you want to MOVE, EAT and LEARN. Read more

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