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How To Make Sure Your Non-Profit Doesen’t Get Hacked

The title of this post is misleading. No organization big or small can ever be secured from hacking. Think Edward Snowden and the NSA. That being said, there is a lot you can do to make it difficult and expensive to compromise sensitive information that your non-profit organization or social enterprise collects. And these tips will go a long way to make sure you’re non-profit does not get hacked. Why Non-profits are a Target Non-profits may possess information that is valuable to hackers: Donor details – Your donors and supporters could be high net individuals. If a hacker were able to send an email from your organization to your donors, there is a greater chance they would open them allowing the hacker to target your donor. Personally identifiable information (PII) – Personal information such as social security numbers, email addresses, phone numbers and address details allow hackers to re-create identities which are then sold on the underground markets. Financial and Health information – Credit card numbers, bank account details, amounts transferred, patient data etc can …

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5 Steps to Simplicity Lessons From Burning Man

Burning Man (BM) is an annual week long gathering in the hot and sulfuric sandy world of Black Rock Desert, Nevada.  This year about 68k burners entered the playa.  People who are part of the BM community and are returning to the festival refer to ourselves as burners and first time burners are called virgins. There are several other names for other sub groups like people that live in luxury and are high-maintenance are many times referred to as “sparkle ponies”.  I definitely tried to avoid being termed a sparkle pony, having only a small tent and bringing only very limited things with me. This year (2013) was my second burn. I had my first burn back in 2011 thanks to David Weekly who gifted me a ticket and introduced me to Burning Man.  I had always lived with the burner culture around me throughout college, having studied in San Francisco,  we would go to crazy fire show filled fundraisers for some of the coolest camps on the playa during spring while other college students were busy with frat …

Warby Parker Girl Image By Joel G Goodman / Flickr CC,  Tshirt Boy Image From NoNasties and Circle of Shoes Image From SoleRebels

This Is Why You Really Need A New Pair of Shoes And Sunglasses

The next time you feel like treating yourself, trust us just go buy yourself something nice, but make sure its from one of these guys. There is a new and a growing class of brands with well designed high quality products that aim to turn every purchase into an act of good. When you buy their products you not only buy yourself something great but you’re also automatically helping someone in need. For instance take the popular American shoe brand Toms, when you buy a pair of Toms, a brand new pair of Toms shoes is given to a child in need or when you buy their sunglasses they pay for prescription glasses or eye surgery for someone struggling with poor vision in developing countries. Warby Parker one of the most loved eyeglasses brands also follows the buy one give one model. When I see the crowds of people trying on their glasses at one of their stores I often wondered if they are aware that their act of buying Warby Parker would help provide …

A map of corruption incidents crowd-sourced on

Are You On India’s Bribe Map?

Last year, we did a story on (IPAB), a website where people can report bribe’s they’ve paid to get access to Government services in India, as well as corruption incidents involving Government officers. lets you add details such as the amount of money paid, your city and the government department that was involved. Names are scrubbed out from the database to ensure that individual identities are protected. Janagraha, the NGO behind IPAB uses this data to lobby the government department into taking action against corruption. We analyzed the data published by IPAB to figure out what corruption in India looks like. The data consisted of more than 15,000 reports crowd-sourced from individuals via the web or SMS. The reports start with 4 reports of bribes paid in 1995 to over 5000 reports of bribes paid in 2011. The site has crowd sourced reports totalling to about Rupees 35.2 million paid in bribes, or US$ 7.16 million We notice that a lot of bribes – about 65% – are collected within the first 10 …


Instagram Celebrity : Putting A Face On The Homeless Through Instagram

In my short time as an Instagram user, I’ve come to realize that the app is for more than just sharing random pictures, it is also great for sharing stories. I’ve come across several inspring Instagramers one of whom is @cachafaz who helps homeless people tell their story using Instagram. @cachafaz known as Pachi Tamer in real life is on a mission to help homeless people communicate and meet their needs by using the power of Instagram. He has taken over 650 portraits of homeless people to date in four cities – Austin, Los Angeles, Medellín (Colombia) and México City (México) and has plans to travel to Uruguay and few other countries this year. Pachi’s photo stream which only features homeless people is very well received on Instagram – he has over 10k followers who are highly appreciative and responsive to his work. The overwhelming support from the Instagram community led to Pachi starting the One Dollar Dreams Project, to help realize the dreams of homeless people. In an interview with Dutiee, Pachi shares his …


Power and Progress Through Photography, See What a Few Free Cameras Can Do

There is a growing trend of handing cameras to people living in unjust conditions so they can tell their own stories through pictures. I’ve seen a number of such projects listed on Kickstarter (the most popular crowd-funding platform) and many of them are having great success with getting funded. A couple examples of such projects that were very well received on Kickstarter are The Disposable Project in Tanzania which gave disposable cameras to children from low-income communities and Caught in Nepal, where an author handed over cameras to Tibetan refugees living in Nepal to document their daily lives, both these projects are about raising awareness through first person reporting. Another such initiative 100cameras, provides cameras to poor children from around the world to document their lives and then uses the photo narratives to raise awareness and fundraise for their community. The photo prints from 100cameras are available online for purchase. In India, Aawaaz-e-Niswaan, a nonprofit working with marginalized Muslim women is also experimenting with this new social trend. They have handed digital cameras to 16 …


Four Attitudes Defining World 2.0

This article is a follow on from our previous post on Four Movements that Define World 2.0 where we highlight systemic changes that enable social and economic interactions that are redefining a new world. World 2.0 is what we consider as a global effort to make sense of our current economic, political and environmental instability, and develop systems and relationships to overcome these challenges for the good of all. In this article, we show you four social attitudes that have emerged (and are still evolving) to make World 2.0 possible. 1. Innovation With the current economy being what it is today, we can scarcely predict what its going to look like in a week’s time! Many people, especially those still at college believe that its best to take matters into one’s own hands. It costs almost nothing to start your own venture these days, and more people are likely to take 6 months off to give their ideas a shot at becoming successful. What’s exciting is that more and more new ideas are now focussed …


Dutiee’s List of November Favorites

In our search to bring you the ideas and innovations that are changing the world, we discover so many other things that are deeply inspiring. Books, documentaries, pictures, products, videos that we fall in love with. So from this month onwards, we’ll share with you the stuff that we find inspiring on the web in a form of a monthly list. Here are our favorites for November. Enjoy!