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Santa Prevents Low-Income Kids from Dropping Out of School

This Christmas Eve, we were invited to Harkadas Primary School, a Government run school located in Pune’s oldest slum. This school, is one of many schools operated by the Pune Municipal Corporation. It attracts children from neighboring slums as fees are nominal, and kids are provided a free mid-day meal at lunch time. India’s current Education Crisis Most (if not all) municipal schools in India, that are funded by local civic bodies, lack basic infrastructure (fans, lights, desks and clean toilets). Besides this, they also lack the ability to attract good teachers. As a result, municipal schools struggle to offer quality education to children from low-income families.They struggle even more to retain children in school. The reasons are several: Children cannot relate life in the slums, to what is being taught – For example, although kids are taught English, they have no opportunity to speak the language, and cannot read or write in English. Moreover, children and their parents do not see education as being critical towards helping them overcome poverty and providing them access …