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Charity:Water Explains How They Use Social Media To Raise Millions Online

Charity:Water is unarguably one of the best brands when it comes to using social media to raise funds. Over 60% of their donations are raised online which is remarkable given that most nonprofits still struggle at online fundraising. Also unlike other nonprofits who prefer to raise big money from few major donors, Charity:Water’s fundraising strategy at its core is about raising small amounts of money from thousands of individual donors. Our focus at charity: water is on building a grassroots movement of inspired people actively giving, fundraising and influencing their peers. We have amazing major donors, but the real power of the movement is delivered by thousands of normal people running their own word-of-mouth marketing campaigns for the water cause. Paull Young, Director of Digital, Charity:Water Though only seven years old the nonprofit has had tremendous success with their fundraising strategy with over 100 million dollars raised from over 500,000+ people. Charity:Water claims to spend zero dollars on marketing. Social media is clearly the fuel that powers their growth, they excel at using the web to communicate …

Why Top Silicon Valley Investors Are Backing This Nonprofit Startup

[youtube] Chase shares the story of Watsi with others at Startup School. Watsi is a less than 2 year old non-profit that has managed to get a star studded list of Silicon Valley investors backing them.  They have built a Kickstarter like crowd-funding platform to source money for the medical treatment of poor in the developing world. Watsi is the very first non-profit that got into the world famous tech incubator Y-combinator. Paul Graham the founder of Y-combinator personally sent a mail inviting Watsi to join and has invested his own money to help them build out their vision. In addition to this they have raised money from Ron Conway (Twitter, Facebook and Google Investor), Vinod Khosla (Sun Microsystems and Khosla Ventures) and Tencent (Chinese Tech Giant) to name a few. So how did Chase Adam (Founder of Watsi) who has just returned from years of service as a Peace Corp volunteer in remote areas of Central America manage to so quickly break into Silicon Valley and create a top-tier non-profit startup.