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Charity: Water Head Of Creatives On Building A Brand

There’s no doubt that Charity: Water is one of the most popular and inspiring  brand of our times.  The founder Scott Harrison wanted to start a new kind of charity that was aspirational, fun and cool. He aimed to build an organization that meant to the nonprofit world what Apple means to the tech world. It’s clear today that he has been successful in achieving his vision for creating such a loved brand.

Charity:Water has everyone rallying for it, from the who’s who of silicon valley to top celebrities and even four year olds. All this says a lot about their success in creating a super cool brand that people like to associate with.

While Charity: Water’s branding and design has been extensively covered, little is known about the person who’s been instrumental in creating this brand. Vik Harrison, the  VP of Creatives at Charity Water, also wife of Scott Harrison, was the second ever employee to join the nonprofit when they started in 2006. She was responsible for crafting the brand and creating beautiful positive visuals that inspired people to donate.

Inspired by this quote from David Berman, “The same design that fuels mass overconsumption has the power to repair the world.”, Vik Harrison wanted to use the power of design to do good. She started out as a volunteer and then a full time employee soon overseeing a growing team of creatives and shaping the brand vision for the nonprofit.     

I have always been curious to learn more about the inner workings of Charity: Water and the minds behind their visual design. I first learnt about Vik Harrison through an interview in Great Discontent on how Scott Harrison and Vik started out together.

Since then I’ve been eager to learn more about Vik Harrison, her thought process on branding and how she did it. Just recently I discovered an awesome article, written by her on the importance of branding for nonprofits. She talks about what a brand is and shares some of the insights on how they built the Charity: Water brand. Vik highlights four key components that are important in building the brand – Messaging, Good Visual Design, Storytelling and Proof.

You can read Vik Harrison’s full post on branding here

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