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Dailydump : Managing Kitchen Waste the Eco-Friendly Way

The world today consists of environmentally-aware citizens. After CFL lamps, eco-friendly vehicles and green buildings, we can now turn waste matter into compost from the comfort of our homes. This idea was introduced into India by Poonam Bir Kasturi, founder of Dailydump, a company based in Bangalore.

According to Poonam, the average urban household generates more than 750 gms of solid waste every day. This kitchen waste is discarded along with regular house-hold waste and makes its way into landfills or reaches the sewers and is never recycled. Dailydump has shown that a small investment in a household composter can turn about 25 kilos of monthly kitchen waste into 3 kilos of nutrient rich compost, suitable in gardens.

By using terracotta vessels for composting at home, one can make a significant contribution towards reducing landfill waste. In the process, the waste turns into compost which can be used as a source of nutrients for a kitchen garden.

Practical waste management

Dailydump not only provides composters but combines it with educating people about the environment. The eco-friendly terracotta pots are a nice replacement for plastic dustbins. Their products are designed to occupy minimum space and can be placed within an apartment on a balcony, or in a garage.

Organic waste is added every day to the composter with an equal volume of dry leaves. It takes about 3 months worth of kitchen waste to get a pot of compost.

Dailydump also manufactures mechanical composters that can be used to recycle kitchen waste in work places and restaurants. They are in the process of prototyping mechanical composters for homes in India. Dailydump hopes to make their products a standard product within every home in India.

Visit this website for more information on Dailydump products, books and for help with composting.