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DealGooder : Discover Cool Deals and Help Local Charities.

How do you like the idea of getting discounts on products and services you like, while supporting causes at the same time?
DealGooder, an innovative company based out of California, lets you to do exactly that.

The DealGooder model is simple. The company negotiates great deals from socially conscious businesses and promotes them online. Deals include such things as meal discounts at restaurants, deals on wine tours, or discounts at a local spa. Deals are purchased via the DealGooder website. A generous 50% of all profits are donated by DealGooder to a local charity.

Each day, DealGooder promotes a new deal on their website. Also, each week, a new non-profit is chosen as a beneficiary. DealGooder pairs deals with local non-profits. This means that dollars spent on buying goodies go towards helping the local community.

Win. Win. Win!

Ethan Austin, co-founder of DealGooder was looking for “an easier way to help non-profits raise funds” as corporate giving dramatically reduced during the global financial crisis. He hit upon the idea of combining discounts with charity.

With the DealGooder model, participating businesses get featured online for free. Every day, a new business is chosen as the ‘Deal of the Day’. The business and the deal are actively promoted by DealGooder to a growing number of young, socially conscious consumers. This helps the business get new customers who are more likely to become repeat customers. Brett Lawrence, owner of Ecco restaurant in Costa Mesa says:

We are really excited to have partnered up with Dealgooder. Giving back to the community is a priority in our minds so this was a no brainer for us. We had a great response and have had a large amount of people using their coupons thus far.

Non-profits stand to benefit immensely by partnering with DealGooder. Each week, a new non-profit is chosen as the beneficiary. The non-profit gets free promotion via social media and via the DealGooder website, to a community of socially responsible individuals. The non-profit is encouraged to promote DealGooder discounts within its group of existing supporters.
At the end of the week, 50% of profits from deal sales are donated to the non-profit. Either, as a non-profit or a business, there are no costs to participate.

DealGooder currently operates in Orange County, California but plans to expand in the near future to San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City and Seattle.

To receive daily deal alerts, please subscribe to the DealGooder website, or visit their Facebook page.