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Forget Skydiving Try A Spiritual Adventure This Year – From Sufism to Buddhism and More

Looking for exciting and unusual experiences this year? How about a Spiritual Adventure? You not only get to discover a new place but also to experience a new religion, culture and everything related from the inside out.

World Weavers, a social venture based in Thailand is the goto organization for spiritual adventurers, offering authentic spiritual travels of different kinds. Their current programs are: Monk for a Month Thailand, Monk for a Month Tibetan Tradition in the Himalayas, Sufi Mystic and Muslim for a Month in Turkey. They are also soon launching Interfaith Express programs in Turkey and India. These programs take guests through a variety of spiritual traditions on the trip, while fostering greater understanding between faiths. They also have plans to introduce Christian, Hindu, Jewish and Sikh religious immersion programs.

World Weavers offers these cultural exchange programs in partnership with temples, designed and conducted by spiritual scholars. For instance the Monk for a Month in Thailand is run with the assistance of temples in the Chiang Mai Region. During this program, the participants get to experience the life of a Thai Monk – they live at the temple, study with the monks, practice meditation and Pali chanting and formally receive the time honored precepts. The Muslim and Sufi Mystic Programs are in partnership with Istanbul based Intercultural Dialogue Platform, KADIP. The program introduces participants to Sufism, Rumi, and Turkish culture.

The organization started the spiritual immersion programs with the goal to promote greater understanding and tolerance towards different religions in this increasingly connected world. Their inaugural program Monk for a Month in Thailand was founded in 2008 and since then 250 people have undergone being a Buddhist monk. The program also helps generate revenue for the charitable work of the organization in the Fang Valley region of Thailand. In 2011, World Weavers introduced the Muslim and the Tibetan Buddhism Immersion program and on Jan 22 this year they are running their first 10-day Sufi Mystic Program.

Visit their site or FB page for the dates and info on the various spiritual programs planned for 2012.

Image Courtesy of World Weavers.

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