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Hub India to Turbo Charge Innovation, Collaboration and Social Good

Are you a social innovator? Have you got a great idea that you think makes big bucks as well as solves a social problem? Are you making plans for building the next big social enterprise? If you are, you’re probably going to need one or more of the following: a great team, seed funding to get started, peer and customer feedback, mentoring from experts and a market for your product or service. But finding these connections can be hard for a startup social enterprise and thats where the Hub can help.

The Hub is a network of co-working spaces that serve as meeting points for people looking to make a better world. There are currently Hubs in 26 cities all over the world, with more than 4000 members from nearly every profession or background. The one thing that unites them all, is a culture of doing good.

At a Hub, you would be likely to meet entrepreneurs, design and creative professionals, artists, activists, investors and service providers. The Hub provides a physical meeting space for these people to come together and forge partnerships, collaborate on ideas, or find new business partners. At a minimum, you get to meet someone that shares your vision and culture.

Why would India need a Hub?

India has several amazing stories of social enterprises coming up with disruptive business models for social and economic development. However, many of these startups are formed in isolation with little support and mentoring. Very few have access to seed funding early on, to motivate the startup founders to take some risks and implement their ideas.

A Hub provides members with more than just an awesome co-working environment. It creates a culture of openness, sharing and collaboration by ensuring that the people that join the Hub are aligned in their interests to do good. A Hub also actively promotes its members amongst the startup eco-system, providing connections with investors, mentors and collaborators.

With a Hub in major Indian cities, every social startup would have a space to go to for help and support and meet like minded people in a physical space. Essentially, the Hub would end up creating a community dedicated to doing good. A startup could potentially also collaborate with international members to leverage their experience or find new markets for products and services.

The Hub comes to India

The Hub network recently announced its intention to expand into India to support social enterprises in the country. In order to do so, it is looking at setting up Hubs in several cities in India and recently conducted a 2-day workshop to brainstorm how Hubs could be setup and operated in the Indian context.

To empower the founders of local Hubs, the Hub company has tied up with IIM Ahmedabad’s CIE, and funding/mentoring partnerships with UnLtd India, Dasra, Ennovent and others. They are currently on the lookout for Hub founding teams in India cities, and will be helping Hub founders find investors and come up with business plans.

You may contact the Hub by writing to

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Amit Deshmukh

A hacker and engineer, Amit believes that technology, if put to good use could one day solve some of the worlds biggest social and economic problems.