India Against Corruption: 4 Easy Ways to Participate Online

By now, social media as well as mainstream media is buzzing with upto-the-minute updates about Anna Hazare’s arrest, his demand to protest via a hunger-strike in New Delhi, and the on-going negotiation with the Government to define the ‘terms’ of protest.

Civil rights groups and prominent individuals teamed up under the banner India Against Corruption (IAC) to gather support for the anti-corruption movement directed against the Government of India. This movement now has support from the masses in India, as well as overseas.

First up, if you’re not sure what this campaign is all about, look up the differences between the Government drafted version, and the IAC version of the Lokpal bill. (Note:’Lokpal’ is the Hindi word for ‘Citizen’s Ombudsman’)

If you look up a ‘List of Scandals in India‘, many involve high-ranking Government officials, politicians, ministers and bureaucrats as well as heads of corporations.

The IAC offers many opportunities to participate in the movement offline. You can register as a volunteer or get in touch with local coordinators in your city to participate in protest marches.
But if you don’t have the time for offline protests or think you could do a better job spreading the word via social-media, here are 4 ways to participate:

Pledge your Twitter account to

A group of IIT alumni have put together a website where you can donate/pledge your twitter account. The website lets you connect your twitter account to its twitter app, and tweets anti-corruption facts and information on your behalf about 5 times a day.
Nearly 10,000 people have already pledged their Twitter accounts within 24 hours since the websites launch.

The website, is a movement to highlight the need for protesting against corruption in the private sector. You can read and sign their online petition as well as participate in offline campaigns, and with some luck, convince your company’s HR to grant you time off work to protest.

Get a Facebook profile PicBadge

You can get the ‘official’ IAC profile picture badge from here or this one supporting IAC with more than 11,000 supporters. And then get social! Spend time on Facebook, ask questions and get discussions going around the anti-corruption campaign.

Help spread the word

You can spend a couple of minutes and email all your friends via this IAC page, and follow IAC on Facebook and share content with your friends. Currently this page has over 346,000 likes. On twitter, use the hashtags #isupportanna and #janlokpal

If you are overseas, here is a list of overseas cities where IAC is active.

Finally a reminder – anytime you get asked for a bribe, you can report this anonymously via IPaidABribe

If you know of any other websites, apps or other creative ways to participate in the movement online, do post about them on and we’ll make sure we update this post, as well as credit you with the find. Happy campaigning!