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IPaidABribe : Anonymously Report all Bribes You Pay (IPAB) is an initiative to tackle corruption in India – a country currently ranked as 70th on the list of the least corrupt countries in the world.

For the first time ever, India now has a web platform where people can report corruption incidents and bribes they’ve paid.

This data is used to analyze corruption trends, lobby government bodies into taking action against officials, or change procedures encouraging corruption within government departments. The data also helps to determine which government services are most corruption prone.

Reporting Corruption made Easy

On the IPAB website, you can register old and recent bribes paid. Users can report the nature, location, frequency and amounts of bribes paid or demanded. By sourcing bribe reports from millions of Indians on the website, Janagraaha, the organization behind the initiative, is able to map bribes occurring across cities.

In order to report an incident, citizens are encouraged to visit the IPAB website and complete an online form. All reports are collected anonymously. IPAB does not store the name or contact details of anyone who reports a bribe via their website.

Interestingly, they also delete the names of officials involved in complaints since IPAB is not a prosecuting agency. This ensures that:
1. IPAB cannot be used as a public platform to malign individuals.
2. IPAB can function without interference from government and law enforcement agencies.
3. They can focus on their core objectives, i.e. measure corruption with real numbers, and lobby against policies that promote corruption.

In 90 days since its launch, IPAB has had over 255,000 visitors. More than 2500 bribe reports have been made to date. IPAB also plans to roll out an SMS reporting service that will let people send complaints via mobile phones.

Achievements so far

IPAB services have already resulted in some real world success. For example:
* Citizen reports led to 20 senior traffic cops having to explain allegations of bribery.

* The Karnataka State Power Transmission Corporation Ltd (KPTCL) has collaborated with IPAB to simplifying their procedures and reduce corruption within its department.

We intend to keep in touch with IPAB and provide you with an update on their progress in a few months’ time.

For more information, please visit the IPAB website