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Jumo : Do We Need Another Social Network for Causes?

Editors Note – This is a guest post by Deepa Chaudhary (@deeparocks)who is an evangelist of technology to the nonprofit sector.

Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes recently launched his new initiative Jumo, a social network for the social sector. Jumo is designed to help individuals find, follow and support causes they care about.

His motivation to start Jumo sprung from the need to connect non-profits with individuals who would like to help them. Non-profits are often in need but unable to create enough publicity and reach out to a wider, engaged audience. With Jumo, Chris applies his experience with social technologies like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to try and solve this problem

The case for one more social network

The simple concept of following an organization is inherently a very powerful thing. It allows the non-profit to build an audience of people interested in its cause and to continue to maintain a long term relationship with them. In addition the non-profit expects some of the social dynamics of Jumo to futher promote their cause via their social network of followers.

Another startup that has been working hard at this same concept is Ammado which is yet to prove its hook factor. One problem cited commonly by non-profits is that they are not sure which of these sites to maintain their profiles on.

The Verdict

I signed up for Jumo to check it out and to see if it can really help sustain my interest levels, and make me come back again. My experience so far suggests that Jumo will be able to go viral faster than Ammado due to its tight integration with Facebook

As a user, you can automatically create you own Profile page, based on Causes you “Like” on Facebook. Your Jumo profile page news feed begins to display news stories about the non-profits you follow, as well as causes similar to the ones you follow. As an organization, Jumo’s features are built to promote your cause, and increase your visibility.

The potential exists. However only time will tell if Jumo has built enough useful functionality for people to switch over, instead of using what is already out (such as Facebook Pages or for staying connected to your favourite causes and non-profits.

To sign up for Jumo, check out their website at