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Lifespring Hospitals : Quality Maternity Care at Affordable Rates for the Poor

Lifespring Hospitals is a growing chain of private maternity hospitals providing high quality pre and post-natal care at affordable rates to India’s poor.

Lifespring’s customers are low-income families (with an income of less than US$ 2-5/day) in urban and semi-urban areas. These families have traditionally had to choose between under-resourced government hospitals or expensive private hospitals – ultimately choosing to give birth at home without skilled assistance.

Over 100,000 women die annually due to pregnancy-related complications, giving India the highest number of maternal deaths in the world.

The hospital’s goal is to significantly increase hospital-supervised deliveries and reduce maternal and child mortality rates in the communities that it serves.

The Lifespring Model

The Lifespring model is focussed on building small hospitals (consisting of 20-25 beds) offering normal deliveries attended by private doctors for just $40. Cesarean sections are available for about $140. This is one-fifth the price offered by larger private hospitals.

This is made possible by controlling the running costs of the hospital. First, there is no canteen. In addition, Lifespring outsources laboratory tests and pharmacy services, and standardizes processes.

By attracting a large number of patients, Lifespring is able to maintain high quality at low prices.

As of October 2010, more than 8,000 babies have been delivered across 9 Lifespring Hospitals in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. The hospital also accepts donations to fund deliveries for families who cannot afford its services.

If you are interested in learning more, or if you would like to sponsor the birth of a child for US $130 please visit

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