Social Startups

MicroPlace Allows You To Do Good While Growing Your Money

MicroPlace, an eBay owned company has made it possible for people to do good while growing their money. Using a web based platform, you can now have access to an array of socially conscious investment options, an investment of as little as $20 can earn as much as a 4.5% return.

How Does it Work?

Similar to any other online brokerage account (E-trade, Charles Schwab etc) MicroPlace allows you to create an account and use it to buy their securities. You can look-up investments by location, project type, interest amount and payment schedule and purchase those that most appeal to you. On maturity of your investment you get paid back with interest or have the option to reinvest and continue to make a social impact. Unlike other brokerage firms, MicroPlace does not charge investors a fee while purchasing securities.

New Way of Investing & Doing Good is the world’s first and only web platform that allows everyday people to invest in socially conscious financial instruments. As unlike Kiva and other micro-lending web platforms where you make a loan directly to individuals, on you buy securities offered by issuers which in turn uses your money to fund and grow the project you selected. MicroPlace represents a totally new way of investing in social good and unlocking an additional source of capital to help the world’s working poor.

People’s investment portfolio represents a significant source of capital that’s not currently available to poverty alleviation efforts. MicroPlace by offering blended value to investors of financial return + social impact, is bringing new capital, capable of dramatically affecting the success of projects,”

says Ashwini Narayanan, General Manager of MicroPlace. By securitizing socially-conscious investments, MicroPlace allows investors to manage their risks better which will directly result in more investments being made.

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