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No Nasties: Ending Farmer Suicides Through 100% Fair Designer Tees

No Nasties a budding t-shirt brand in India is taking a shot at a severe problem of farmer suicides in India by creating a market for organic cotton. Thousands of cotton farmers in India are taking their own life after being overwhelmed by the burden of debt. The problem has been on a rise since 1990s, with an estimated 200,000 farmers committing suicide every year, 1 every 30 minutes. The rising costs for the farmer can be attributed to many things, this increased costs force farmers to take high interest loans which many are unable to payback.

No Nasties believes that organic farming in the best way to lower costs of farmers and allow them to continue farming without having to turn to loans. For No Nasties, the goal is to get farmers to switch back to organic farming by creating a market for organic cotton and they are doing this by offering stylish organic t-shirts that people would jump to buy.

No Nasties t-shirts are designed by a community of independent designers, made from organic cotton and manufactured using fair trade practices. They even go a step further by using only organic dyes, tags and they use Mirakle Couriers, a courier service run by the deaf to deliver the t-shirts. Besides, No Nasties donates a portion of their profits to two NGOs. The brand believes in 100% fairness and transparency and has made public their supply-chain on their website and how their t-shirts differ significantly from the rest.

By now I’m sure you’ll be excited to pick one, you can shop online on their website. They are also selling through few designer outlets in the major cities of India, you can find the information here.

In addition, they are looking for more designers, volunteers and international retailers. If you have any leads, contact No Nasties via email.

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Deepa Chaudhary

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