TOMS Shoes Getting Tons of Instagram Love

You know a brand is truly loved when people feel proud to show it off and TOMS Shoes is certainly one of those brands.  On Instagram (the most popular iPhone app for photo sharing) people love sharing pictures of their beloved TOMS Shoes. For the ones who are not familiar with TOMS, they pioneered the model of one for one giving –  for every pair purchased, TOMS gives a pair of shoes to a child in need. And that’s the reason why people love them so much, besides their shoes are really hip and stylish.

Finalist Pictures from the #TomsAllAround Instagram contest hosted by @framinglife and @barnel02

On Instagram you can find over 45,000 pictures of TOMS Shoes tagged by their customers. The tags commonly used to mark TOMS Shoes are #tomsshoes, #toms, #oneforone, #tomsflag. What’s most surprising is that the tag #oneforone on Instagram is only filled with pictures of TOMS Shoes. This just shows that TOMS rules the one for one giving market space. There was even a photo contest organized recently by some TOMS Shoes enthusiast, called Toms All Around. The contest received over 1000 entries.

Given the big fan following on Instagram, the brand could really up the ante by making greater use of Instagram – sharing photos of their shoe giving adventures around the world and obviously of the new collections and styles.

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Deepa Chaudhary

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