Salesforce Technology Donation Powering Non-profits

Editors Note – This is a guest post by Deepa Chaudhary who handles Salesforce Foundation work in APAC for more information read Non profit starter pack, Non profit case-studies or lookup their YouTube channel.

Salesforce Foundation donates 10 enterprise edition CRM licenses to nonprofit organizations and provides deep discounts on additional licenses. By doing so Salesforce Foundation is able to enhance the ability of nonprofit organizations to achieve their social mission through improved operational efficiencies. This results in nonprofits making a bigger and deeper impact in our communities.Currently over 8000 nonprofits worldwide are benefiting from Salesforce Foundation donated and discounted cloud technologies.

Revolutionizing the ability of nonprofits to achieve their missions.

Increased outreach due to increased resources: With Salesforce, nonprofits are able to better manage their donors, volunteers, members. Thus able to garner more funds and manpower resources to expand and scale.

More time to do real work: By using Salesforce, nonprofits are able to devote more time to their real mission of helping people and communities, than having to manage the back end.

More with less: Nonprofits are mostly under staffed and under resourced, making sure from every dollar raised, at least 90% is invested in the community thus left with very little money to build their own organizational capacities. By deploying Salesforce, under resourced Nonprofits are able to achieve more and do more.

Builds institutional memory: The sector suffers from high attrition, people changing all the time. Salesforce helps prevent knowledge drain by having records of all relationships in one centralized location and with Salesforce content application, better file management. Thus new employees starting don’t have to waste too much time catching-up.

Transparency: Nonprofits are always under public scrutiny as they manage public funds – money raised from individuals, institutions, government for carrying out their programs. Salesforce helps bring transparency internally and externally. Nonprofits are better equipped to inform their donors on how their money is being spent.

New and better programs: With sophisticated use of reports and dashboards, nonprofits are able to have a tighter grip on their goals, metrics and impact. With such rich business intelligence, they are able to better design their social programs, make necessary course corrections and close programs yielding less results thus freeing up resources for other useful and high impact projects.

More money for real work: Though technology is highly needed and paramount to be better managed, but for nonprofits its mostly the last priority, as they want their scarce dollars to be spent on their social programs and not on technology tools. By us donating the greatest and latest of cloud technologies, nonprofits do not have to worry about cost, maintenance and other infrastructure issues.

Some of non-profits that make use of the Salesforce Foundation non-profit starter pack are: World Vision, VisionSpring, United Way, Give India, Ashoka, D.Light, Janalakshmi

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Deepa Chaudhary

I have extensively worked at grass-roots from working in the slums of Mumbai to being on the frontline of numerous disaster relief efforts. I'm passionate about social entrepreneurship and I love discovering and writing about new trends in the social good space.