Startup School For Social Entrepreneurs, Learn From Founders Who Are Making It Happen

In our quest to learn how entrepreneurs build successful startups from scratch, we’ve been interviewing some of the most rugged Founders. They have weathered the early challenges, stood their ground and built some of the most solid brands in the social good space that are making a dent in the world.

What were some of the things they did to get their first customer, to get the word out, to gain traction and to grow their idea. The things that worked and the things that didn’t. What advice do these Founders have for other entrepreneurs who are just starting off. This series is an ultimate startup school for aspiring and early social entrepreneurs, to learn from those who have stayed up nights figuring out stuff and finding breakthroughs. Before we start remember to subscribe to our future stories.

Growing A Social Startup – Interview With Milaap, Asia’s Fastest Growing Lending Website Founder of Milaap shares his story on how he built the Asia’s Fastest Growing Microlending platform, popularizing loans as a new way to help the poor.

GiveForward – On Growing The #1 Medical Fundraising Website Ethan Austin of GiveForward shares how he started a crowdfunding website prior to crowdfunding becoming mainstream and before Kickstarter existed. He shares how he found their niche and the things they did to build America’s top medical fundraising website.

Project Repat On How They Went From Zero To 1 Million In Sales Founder of Project Repat talks about how after multiple failures they found the right product/market fit in their mission to create a t-shirt recycling business which led to them quickly going from 0 to 1 million dollars in sale in just over a year

How To Create A Brand People Fall In Love With, No Nasties Founder Shares His Secrets Apurva Kothari Founder of No Nasties, one of India’s most successful startup based on the foundation of organic and fairtrade shares how he left his cushy job in the US to start a conscious apparel company in India that’s creating quite a stir

Why Top Silicon Valley Investors Are Backing This Nonprofit Startup Watsi Founder talks about his return from years of volunteering as a Peace Corp volunteer from Central America to start Watsi and landed up with major Silicon Valley investors investing in his idea.

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Deepa Chaudhary

I have extensively worked at grass-roots from working in the slums of Mumbai to being on the frontline of numerous disaster relief efforts. I'm passionate about social entrepreneurship and I love discovering and writing about new trends in the social good space.