Happy Social Business Day!

June 28th is Professor Muhammad Yunus’ birthday, and in his honour, Grameen Creative Labs declares this day as World Social Business Day. A day to celebrate and promote the concept of Social Business – inclusive commerce aimed at creating a better world. Read more


@Twitter turns 5 : A Powerful Force for Good! #HappyBirthdayTwitter

Twitter has turned 5 years old on March 21st . Over these last 5 years Twitter has dramatically changed the way we communicate, connect and discover the world around us and has emerged as an incredible force for good. With 200 million people and growing, Twitter is being used in so many useful and important ways, making our world a better place. Read more


Zynga’s Virtual Goods Raise Money for Japan Earthquake Relief

Zynga is giving its 250 million players a chance to help towards earthquake relief efforts in Japan. through limited edition virtual goods in FarmVille, CityVille and other Zynga games. 100% of purchases are being donated to Save The Children who are supporting relief efforts for children affected by the Japan earthquake. Read more


TwiceAsWarm : You Buy One, They Give One to the Homeless

Brian from Twice As Warm shares his story about creating an easy way to provide new clothing to the homeless and needy. Twice As Warm give away new winter clothing each time a clothing item is purchased. You can ask Brian a question or leave him a note in the comments. Read more

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