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MumbaiSmiles : A Fresh Approach to Addressing Urban Poverty

Mumbai Smiles is a non-profit organization based out of India, Spain and Mexico, focused on providing quality education, health services and livelihood opportunities for families living in the slums of Mumbai. The non-profit was born in 2005 when Spanish journalist and writer Jaume Sanllorente was on a holiday to Mumbai, India. His experience with the under-privileged inspired him to quit his job as a journalist, go back to university, and kick start Mumbai Smiles, in order to improve the living conditions of slum dwellers in the city of Mumbai. Why Mumbai Smiles are Unique Mumbai Smiles operates out of several of Mumbai’s lesser known slums in the suburb of Andheri. All their current efforts are focused around developing these few communities, so that children, as well as adults are benefited. In all activities, the community always provides input and feedback. This ensures that programs are successful at meeting the needs of the community. For example, the children of slum dwellers attend state of the art pre-schools. The teachers at these pre-schools are from the same …


PluggedIn : Teen Bands Creating Change Through Music

PluggedIn is a non-profit organization that teaches teenagers how to be in a rock band. And at the same time, use their music to make a positive change within society. Performing in a band allows teenage musicians to be creative, make friends, grow musically and have fun. The bands perform concerts to raise money for charity. PluggedIn started in Needham Massachusetts, as a resource place for teenagers to come together as a band. Starting with 5 students in 1 band in 2002, PluggedIn now consists of 90 students in 25 bands, and has helped raise thousands of dollars for charities all over the world. Music for a Cause At the beginning of each program, PluggedIn students get together at an event called “Charity Night” and present to each other charitable organizations and causes that are important to them. Students explain how they learned about the cause, what needs are met by the charity and why they feel it is important to support them. At the end of the evening, students vote to choose the charity …


DealGooder : Discover Cool Deals and Help Local Charities.

How do you like the idea of getting discounts on products and services you like, while supporting causes at the same time? DealGooder, an innovative company based out of California, lets you to do exactly that. The DealGooder model is simple. The company negotiates great deals from socially conscious businesses and promotes them online. Deals include such things as meal discounts at restaurants, deals on wine tours, or discounts at a local spa. Deals are purchased via the DealGooder website. A generous 50% of all profits are donated by DealGooder to a local charity. Each day, DealGooder promotes a new deal on their website. Also, each week, a new non-profit is chosen as a beneficiary. DealGooder pairs deals with local non-profits. This means that dollars spent on buying goodies go towards helping the local community. Win. Win. Win! Ethan Austin, co-founder of DealGooder was looking for “an easier way to help non-profits raise funds” as corporate giving dramatically reduced during the global financial crisis. He hit upon the idea of combining discounts with charity. With …