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My Big Fat Guide For Social Ventures, How to Grow Sales and Acquire Customers

Every business wants growth and growing sales is a hard problem that is critical for social startups to crack if they wish to succeed in their social mission. Scaling social impact requires scaling sales as Saba Gul, Founder of Popinjay realized after 2 years of hard work running her commerce powered nonprofit. This article is intended to help social ventures, old and new to succeed on the web – on presentation, acquiring customers and increasing sales. Visuals On the web a book is judged by its cover first, your look and feel,  is very important. People are moved by beautiful websites and pictures. If you do a poor job of presenting your store/product on the web, people won’t stay on you site for long or extend that negative impression to your products. On the other hand if you have a beautifully designed website with compelling pictures of your products and provide a nice, engaging experience people will want to hangout on your site longer and would often come back and maybe even tell their friends …

Must Read Guide To The Business Of Doing Good

If you’re looking to learn how the worlds TOMS Shoes and Warby Parker’s are created, or thinking about creating a consumer brand committed to helping the disadvantaged, then this article is for you. We’ve compiled together some serious wisdom from successful entrepreneurs who’ve grown their ventures into huge successes.