The Role of Big Brands in Raising Funds for Japan

In addition to international aid agencies rushing to raise funds for Japan’s disaster response, many big brands too have jumped in to raise millions. Read how the brands involved are raising funds and what’s happening with the money being raised. Read more


Making Sense of the Japan Donation Frenzy

In the wake of a series of disasters in Japan – earthquake, tsunami and the resulting nuclear emergency, over hundreds of Nonprofits have stepped forward to set-up fundraising appeals and mobilize financial donations for Japan’s relief and rehabilitation. This article is to help you understand the current state of relief efforts and the nonprofit response so far.
Read more


Zynga’s Virtual Goods Raise Money for Japan Earthquake Relief

Zynga is giving its 250 million players a chance to help towards earthquake relief efforts in Japan. through limited edition virtual goods in FarmVille, CityVille and other Zynga games. 100% of purchases are being donated to Save The Children who are supporting relief efforts for children affected by the Japan earthquake. Read more

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