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Does Japan Really Need Our Donations?

The world is going all out to donate for Japan’s disaster response. This is obviously a very natural response from people as they witness Japan struggle from the horrific devastation caused by the series of disasters. But does Japan really need our donations?

Making Sense of the Japan Donation Frenzy

In the wake of a series of disasters in Japan – earthquake, tsunami and the resulting nuclear emergency, over hundreds of Nonprofits have stepped forward to set-up fundraising appeals and mobilize financial donations for Japan’s relief and rehabilitation. This article is to help you understand the current state of relief efforts and the nonprofit response so far.

Farmville players using virtual goods for social good

Zynga the social gaming company that invented the popular Farmville and many other internet based games is focused on changing the world through virtual social goods. Players purchase social goods within Zynga games and the income from the sales goes to support social initiatives around the world. The current projects being supported are Haiti Earthquake Rehabilitation including building a school, support to and world food programme to provide clean drinking water and food to poor globally and US specific initiatives through support of Save the Children, SPCA and UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital.

Ushahidi : Crowd-sourcing for Social Good

What if you had the power to collect opinions and data from people to achieve social good? How would you use it? In this article, we explore use cases of the Ushahidi platform, in the context of achieving social good. What is Ushahidi? Ushahidi is an open-source technology platform that can be deployed within hours. It was born as a result of the post-election riots in Kenya in December 2007 The platform collects information (opinions or data) via SMS, Web, or Email from people who are on the ground and able to witness events as they unfold. Ushahidi processes this data in near real-time to produce a map of events around the globe. Algorithms ensure that information presented is based on accuracy and authority, as opposed to popularity. (See SwiftRiver) Since its origins, the Ushahidi platform has been used to crowdsource events of interest by various organizations globally. For example, it was used by Al-Jazeera to monitor violence in Gaza, and by Vote Report India to monitor code of conduct violations during the 2009 General …