Teach for India : Raising an Army of Superstar Teachers

Teach for India is tackling the program of education in India by using a model that has worked very successfully in the US. They are calling on India’s brightest to teach for two years in under-resourced schools so that the children in these schools too can benefit from excellent teachers and education just like their counterparts in well to do private schools. Read more


@Twitter turns 5 : A Powerful Force for Good! #HappyBirthdayTwitter

Twitter has turned 5 years old on March 21st . Over these last 5 years Twitter has dramatically changed the way we communicate, connect and discover the world around us and has emerged as an incredible force for good. With 200 million people and growing, Twitter is being used in so many useful and important ways, making our world a better place. Read more


TwiceAsWarm : You Buy One, They Give One to the Homeless

Brian from Twice As Warm shares his story about creating an easy way to provide new clothing to the homeless and needy. Twice As Warm give away new winter clothing each time a clothing item is purchased. You can ask Brian a question or leave him a note in the comments. Read more


Experience being a Buddhist Monk for a Month

Monk for a Month is a Buddhist spiritual experience program for women and men, offered by Blood Foundation with the assistance of temples in the Fang Valley region of Thailand. The purpose of this experiential learning program is to promote cultural exchange, deep understanding of the Buddhist teachings and of the monastic life in Thailand Read more


Jumo : Do We Need Another Social Network for Causes?

Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes recently launched his new initiative Jumo, a social network for the social sector. Jumo is designed to help individuals find, follow and support causes they care about. His motivation to start Jumo sprung from the need to connect non-profits with individuals who would like to help them. Non-profits are often in need of resources and individuals who would like to help but unable to create enough publicity and reach out to a wide enough interested audience. Read more

Thanksgiving cornucopia

Happy Thanksgiving!

Since its Thanksgiving, we would like to say thank you, to the founders of all the Social businesses and non-profits we have spoken to over the last few months. The world would not be the … Read more


Space Cushions Bring Jobs to Rural Thailand.

The Isaan Cushion Company is a social business that aims to make the best cushions on the planet and to create employment opportunities for people in the under-developed Isaan region of North East Thailand. They … Read more

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