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Charity:Water Explains How They Use Social Media To Raise Millions Online

Charity:Water is unarguably one of the best brands when it comes to using social media to raise funds. Over 60% of their donations are raised online which is remarkable given that most nonprofits still struggle at online fundraising. Also unlike other nonprofits who prefer to raise big money from few major donors, Charity:Water’s fundraising strategy at its core is about raising small amounts of money from thousands of individual donors. Our focus at charity: water is on building a grassroots movement of inspired people actively giving, fundraising and influencing their peers. We have amazing major donors, but the real power of the movement is delivered by thousands of normal people running their own word-of-mouth marketing campaigns for the water cause. Paull Young, Director of Digital, Charity:Water Though only seven years old the nonprofit has had tremendous success with their fundraising strategy with over 100 million dollars raised from over 500,000+ people. Charity:Water claims to spend zero dollars on marketing. Social media is clearly the fuel that powers their growth, they excel at using the web to communicate …

Does Japan Really Need Our Donations?

The world is going all out to donate for Japan’s disaster response. This is obviously a very natural response from people as they witness Japan struggle from the horrific devastation caused by the series of disasters. But does Japan really need our donations?

More than Me Hits its Fundraising Target with 60 Investors on

More Than Me, a Liberia based social venture is the first to meet its fundraising target on – 60 people have pooled in varied amounts from as little as $5 to fund More Than Me’s new social venture. Their ask was compelling – We’re starting a company, More Than Me, to manufacture and design laptop cases (made by local Liberian women), initially to be sold at college campus stores. We’ll use profits from sales to fund the education of girls. 50% of the kids in Liberia, West Africa are not in school — and more than half of them are girls. Without education, these girls have limited future opportunities and social mobility, thus perpetuating the cycle of poverty. More than Me’s target was to raise US$3000 and they have ended up raising a little bit more than the goal in just 30 days from 60 people. Katie Meyler, Founder of More than Me was thrilled to have her venture financed this quickly – Boom!!! We did it — or, more like, you did it! …