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Happy Social Business Day!

June 28th is Professor Muhammad Yunus’ birthday, and in his honour, Grameen Creative Labs declares this day as World Social Business Day. A day to celebrate and promote the concept of Social Business – inclusive commerce aimed at creating a better world.

Grameen Creative Lab to Boost Social Business in India

The Grameen Creative Lab (GCL), a brain child of Professor Muhammad Yunus and Hans Reitz (founder of Circ) has started operations in India to boost social business (as defined by Prof. Yunus) within the country. The GCL was established in Germany a couple of years ago with the aim to fight poverty globally and to serve society´s most pressing needs through social business. It achieves this by promoting the idea of social business worldwide through events and workshops (the social business labs) and advises companies, NGOs, and entrepreneurs on setting up social businesses. Up until now, GCLs India projects were managed out of Germany. However of late there has been significant interest from India based corporations and startups keen to launch social business initiatives and in response, GCL has decided to open an office in Mumbai. One of the first initiatives GCL are working on is India´s first social business fund- the Yunus Social Business Fund Mumbai which will fund new as well as existing social businesses in India. At the GCL´s annual Global Social …

Top 3 Disruptive Social Innovations for 2011

The year 2010 saw the coming of age for investment and technology within the social sector. Socially oriented Venture Capital funds are making investment in companies that adopt a market based approach to solving problems of hunger and poverty. In this article, we examine ‘disruptive’ innovations likely to power social causes in 2011 and beyond. 1. Micro Investments gain traction over Charitable Giving and Micro-finance Our previous articles on Philanthropy 2.0 and problems with Micro-finance highlighted issues with micro-credit and trust factors with traditional giving. In this article Dr. Yunus, Managing Director of Grameen, insists on the creation of a micro-credit regulatory authority to prevent loan-sharks from profiting off the suffering of the poor. These developments mean that micro-investments (interest free loans against equity within micro-enterprises) have potential to take off in 2011. We are likely to see corporations make a shift from philanthropic giving to impact investing. 2. More technology startups focus on social issues Worldwide, more people now care about global welfare and social and environmental issues than perhaps ever before. Technology and …