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Groupon’s G-Team Offers a Great Deal to Nonprofits

Groupon has revolutionized the way people consume goods and services through its innovative daily deals / collective buying model. In just 3 years since its inception Groupon has expanded to over 500 cities in 35 countries and has a subscriber base of over 51 million which it hopes to grow to 150 million by end of 2011. With millions of people getting hooked to their daily deals, Groupon is committed to provide its userbase a great way to discover their own cities and fun and meaningful ways to get involved in bettering their communities. In July 2010, Groupon launched G-Team, their philanthropic initiative which aims to harness the power of their growing subscriber base and their killer business model of ‘collective buying’ for community good. About G-Team G-Team are social action campaigns around fundraising and civic engagement based on the similar collective action model as of Groupon. While Groupon makes it easier for people to get great deals only if certain number of people buy the deal, G-Team campaigns makes it easier to create real …


Abe’s Market : Selling All Things Organic & Eco Friendly

Abe’s Market is an online marketplace that sells only natural and organic consumer products, connecting buyers directly with the people who make them. The uniqueness of this online marketplace is that it facilitates a deeper interaction between buyers and producers. Buyers can directly connect with producers, ask questions, learn more and get to know them and their products before buying. Further, unlike other e-commerce sites, Abe’s Market is also committed to building the capacities of its sellers who are largely small businesses. To better understand, Abe’s Market is the web version of the traditional farmers market. Abe’s Market is currently selling products in the category of bath, beauty, home care, health, baby and kids and non perishable food items. The one stop shop for everything natural grew from the two founders, Richard Demb and Jon Polin’s passion for products that are safe and natural for self, family and environment. Seeing the opportunity for an increasing demand for organic and natural products and people’s desire to know the story behind the product they buy – who …


DealGooder : Discover Cool Deals and Help Local Charities.

How do you like the idea of getting discounts on products and services you like, while supporting causes at the same time? DealGooder, an innovative company based out of California, lets you to do exactly that. The DealGooder model is simple. The company negotiates great deals from socially conscious businesses and promotes them online. Deals include such things as meal discounts at restaurants, deals on wine tours, or discounts at a local spa. Deals are purchased via the DealGooder website. A generous 50% of all profits are donated by DealGooder to a local charity. Each day, DealGooder promotes a new deal on their website. Also, each week, a new non-profit is chosen as a beneficiary. DealGooder pairs deals with local non-profits. This means that dollars spent on buying goodies go towards helping the local community. Win. Win. Win! Ethan Austin, co-founder of DealGooder was looking for “an easier way to help non-profits raise funds” as corporate giving dramatically reduced during the global financial crisis. He hit upon the idea of combining discounts with charity. With …