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Dutiee’s List of November Favorites

In our search to bring you the ideas and innovations that are changing the world, we discover so many other things that are deeply inspiring. Books, documentaries, pictures, products, videos that we fall in love with. So from this month onwards, we’ll share with you the stuff that we find inspiring on the web in a form of a monthly list. Here are our favorites for November. Enjoy!

MumbaiSmiles : A Fresh Approach to Addressing Urban Poverty

Mumbai Smiles is a non-profit organization based out of India, Spain and Mexico, focused on providing quality education, health services and livelihood opportunities for families living in the slums of Mumbai. The non-profit was born in 2005 when Spanish journalist and writer Jaume Sanllorente was on a holiday to Mumbai, India. His experience with the under-privileged inspired him to quit his job as a journalist, go back to university, and kick start Mumbai Smiles, in order to improve the living conditions of slum dwellers in the city of Mumbai. Why Mumbai Smiles are Unique Mumbai Smiles operates out of several of Mumbai’s lesser known slums in the suburb of Andheri. All their current efforts are focused around developing these few communities, so that children, as well as adults are benefited. In all activities, the community always provides input and feedback. This ensures that programs are successful at meeting the needs of the community. For example, the children of slum dwellers attend state of the art pre-schools. The teachers at these pre-schools are from the same …

Fairtrade to Reduce Migrations from Himalayas

A DNA India report recently warned that mass migration from rural to urban India would put immense pressure on urban infrastructure, leading to riots, price wars and other bad stuff. However all is not lost. Social ventures such as Himjoli are attempting to prevent that from happening. ‘Friends in the Land of Ice’ Himjoli was founded in 2009. They are a profitable social enterprise working with rural producers from the Kumaon region in the Indian Himalayas. Their mission: To create profitable, sustainable jobs in villages and reduce migration to cities. The rural communities of Kumaon traditionally produced enough for local consumption. Excess produce was sold in the local markets, where margins are small. Alternate sources of income have been tourism, usually providing seasonal earnings. Rising prices for essential commodities led to large scale migrations from villages in to cities such as Delhi and Mumbai, in the hope of finding work to make better wages and to support the families back home. The exodus naturally results in reduced development of local populations, and no improvement in …