Villgro: Powering Rural India through Frugal Innovation

Frugal Innovation is creating smart simple solutions, that are of good quality, effective and affordable. Villgro is one organization that has been living, breathing frugal innovation and thinking rural for over a decade now, with a single minded focus on accelerating ventures in this space. Read more


D-Rev: A Silicon Valley Design House for the Poor

D-Rev is possibly the only technology incubator in the Silicon Valley which is going after a very different market. Based in Palo Alto, amidst the usual tech startups of the Valley, they are designing solutions for the poorest socio-economic group which also happens to be the largest. 4 billion people make up this market segment and are living on less than $4 per day. Read more


StartuParty: Bringing Silicon Valley Optimism to Italy

StartuParty is a tech entrepreneur meetup, Italian style. It’s a mixture of silicon valley pitch events, a techno dance party, and a garden mixer all in one night, under one roof. Italians love to mingle and socialize around their passions, so it’s not a shock that the StartuParty pitch sessions (5 minutes for 5 pitches/event) had travel apps, collaborative games, and social network ideas.
Read more


Five Social Startups That Will Make You Go Wow!

The Social Capital Market (SOCAP) conference in San Francisco last week, provides a platform to social startups from around the globe to pitch their business ideas and showcase their products to the world. I picked five of the most interesting, simply because I was so wow-ed by the ingenuity of their innovation and the need they were filling. Read more

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