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Dig Social Change? Your Turn to Participate!

The NSEF Authors of Change program provides internship opportunities for students to work with social enterprises for a 2 month period, and participate first hand in the social revolution in India. The program has partnered with social ventures all over India, and is now accepting applications from students. This year, about 30 social enterprises have offered around 60 challenging roles.

Lifespring Hospitals : Quality Maternity Care at Affordable Rates for the Poor

Lifespring Hospitals is a growing chain of private maternity hospitals providing high quality pre and post-natal care at affordable rates to India’s poor. Lifespring’s customers are low-income families (with an income of less than US$ 2-5/day) in urban and semi-urban areas. These families have traditionally had to choose between under-resourced government hospitals or expensive private hospitals – ultimately choosing to give birth at home without skilled assistance. Over 100,000 women die annually due to pregnancy-related complications, giving India the highest number of maternal deaths in the world. The hospital’s goal is to significantly increase hospital-supervised deliveries and reduce maternal and child mortality rates in the communities that it serves. The Lifespring Model The Lifespring model is focussed on building small hospitals (consisting of 20-25 beds) offering normal deliveries attended by private doctors for just $40. Cesarean sections are available for about $140. This is one-fifth the price offered by larger private hospitals. This is made possible by controlling the running costs of the hospital. First, there is no canteen. In addition, Lifespring outsources laboratory tests …

Bags for Bliss : Creating Literacy and Livelihood in Pakistan

Many adolescent girls in South Asia are forced to choose work over school to support their families that live below the poverty line. This means, at the age of 10 or 12, they drop out of school to work. Since they cant get an education, they are forced to continue working throughout their lives as laborers, making just enough money to survive. BLISS (Business and Life Skills School) is a social enterprise based out of Pakistan and the USA and offers business, vocational and literacy classes, providing participants with training to launch their own micro-enterprises. The profits of this social enterprise fund education and provide savings for the community, breaking the cycle of poverty and illiteracy. BLISS works with adolescent girls, children of Afghan refugees who have crossed over the border into Pakistan. There are over 30,000 Afghan laborers in Attock, Pakistan and over a million in total throughout the country. Bringing Girls to School The refugee girls currently earn $1 to $1.5 per day while working 14 hours per day weaving carpets. In order …