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Why You Will Soon Donate To Charity:Water Over Other Nonprofits

When I first heard about Charity:Water in 2010 I did not give them much thought, however over the past couple years it’s been hard to not notice them especially in Silicon Valley. The name Charity:Water keeps popping up in the news and on the web far more often than any other nonprofit.  Living in Silicon Valley, you tend to notice  tech blogs and I’ve increasingly found Charity:Water’s use of technology and social media getting well deserved coverage. I’ve also begun to notice Charity:Water often being Tweeted and Instagrammed by famous tech entrepreneurs like Jack Dorsey and Chris Sacca. All this social media success that Charity:Water is enjoying really peaked my interest and I wanted to find out more and see what it is that they are doing differently. It didn’t take long to see why are they doing so good and growing at a phenomenally high rate, doubling down on funds raised year over year and that too from a vast number of small individual donors. As per their 2011 financial report, In 2010, they …

Data for Social Good: A Beginners Guide for Nonprofits and Social Ventures

Data is gaining tremendous prominence in the business world. Companies are becoming highly data driven in every aspect of their business – from gaining new customers, providing better personalized services, cutting costs, to developing new products. With the visible benefits of increased profits and efficiency, companies are spending more resources than ever to understand, visualize and monetize data. The positive outcomes for data driven businesses has got nonprofit thinkers and leaders excited to try and spark the same kind of excitement around data in the social sector. Currently, there is a talk around how big data can fuel social good, my goal with this article is to help nonprofits and social startups understand how they can apply data thinking in their everyday work and hopefully demystify this trend. Nonprofits Are About Small Data First up, do not be daunted by all the talk around big data. The truth is that most social startups and nonprofits will never have to deal with big data. Big data refers to terabytes of data being generated every single day …

Does Japan Really Need Our Donations?

The world is going all out to donate for Japan’s disaster response. This is obviously a very natural response from people as they witness Japan struggle from the horrific devastation caused by the series of disasters. But does Japan really need our donations?

Making Sense of the Japan Donation Frenzy

In the wake of a series of disasters in Japan – earthquake, tsunami and the resulting nuclear emergency, over hundreds of Nonprofits have stepped forward to set-up fundraising appeals and mobilize financial donations for Japan’s relief and rehabilitation. This article is to help you understand the current state of relief efforts and the nonprofit response so far.

Groupon’s G-Team Offers a Great Deal to Nonprofits

Groupon has revolutionized the way people consume goods and services through its innovative daily deals / collective buying model. In just 3 years since its inception Groupon has expanded to over 500 cities in 35 countries and has a subscriber base of over 51 million which it hopes to grow to 150 million by end of 2011. With millions of people getting hooked to their daily deals, Groupon is committed to provide its userbase a great way to discover their own cities and fun and meaningful ways to get involved in bettering their communities. In July 2010, Groupon launched G-Team, their philanthropic initiative which aims to harness the power of their growing subscriber base and their killer business model of ‘collective buying’ for community good. About G-Team G-Team are social action campaigns around fundraising and civic engagement based on the similar collective action model as of Groupon. While Groupon makes it easier for people to get great deals only if certain number of people buy the deal, G-Team campaigns makes it easier to create real …

Klout : Increase your Nonprofits Influence across Social Networks

Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn etc) has opened new doors for nonprofits to spread their message far and wide and to engage and recruit new members, advocates, donors and volunteers for their causes. Almost all nonprofits use social media actively, spending considerable hours of their working time to post, tweet and engage with their online audience. Now here is a great tool, Klout which nonprofits can use to be more effective and smart about increasing their influence and authority across the social web. What is Klout? Klout is a tool that measures user influence and identifies influencers on topics across the social web. Currently available for Twitter, Facebook personal profiles (they plan to soon extend their technology for Facebook Pages) and a beta version for LinkedIn, Nonprofits can all round measure their influence and connect with influencers to radically increase their overall online reach. How it Works? Go to the Klout website and create an account using your twitter account. Once you’ve created your profile you can add-in other networks (Facebook and LinkedIn) to …

Jumo : Do We Need Another Social Network for Causes?

Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes recently launched his new initiative Jumo, a social network for the social sector. Jumo is designed to help individuals find, follow and support causes they care about. His motivation to start Jumo sprung from the need to connect non-profits with individuals who would like to help them. Non-profits are often in need of resources and individuals who would like to help but unable to create enough publicity and reach out to a wide enough interested audience.