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Dutiee’s List of November Favorites

In our search to bring you the ideas and innovations that are changing the world, we discover so many other things that are deeply inspiring. Books, documentaries, pictures, products, videos that we fall in love with. So from this month onwards, we’ll share with you the stuff that we find inspiring on the web in a form of a monthly list. Here are our favorites for November. Enjoy!

Abe’s Market : Selling All Things Organic & Eco Friendly

Abe’s Market is an online marketplace that sells only natural and organic consumer products, connecting buyers directly with the people who make them. The uniqueness of this online marketplace is that it facilitates a deeper interaction between buyers and producers. Buyers can directly connect with producers, ask questions, learn more and get to know them and their products before buying. Further, unlike other e-commerce sites, Abe’s Market is also committed to building the capacities of its sellers who are largely small businesses. To better understand, Abe’s Market is the web version of the traditional farmers market. Abe’s Market is currently selling products in the category of bath, beauty, home care, health, baby and kids and non perishable food items. The one stop shop for everything natural grew from the two founders, Richard Demb and Jon Polin’s passion for products that are safe and natural for self, family and environment. Seeing the opportunity for an increasing demand for organic and natural products and people’s desire to know the story behind the product they buy – who …