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Teach for India : Raising an Army of Superstar Teachers

Teach for India is tackling the program of education in India by using a model that has worked very successfully in the US. They are calling on India’s brightest to teach for two years in under-resourced schools so that the children in these schools too can benefit from excellent teachers and education just like their counterparts in well to do private schools.


Rang De the Kiva of India, Brings Web Based Microlending Home

Rang De is the first and only web based platform in India which allows individuals to directly lend money to poor people who are looking for capital to start small businesses. Inspired by Kiva’s (US based) model of person to person online lending and due to Kiva’s inability to service borrowers in India, Rang De was launched to fill this gap. Though Kiva has to date over 500,000 people who’ve made loans in 58 countries they’ve been unable to service the poor in India due to government banking regulations. Seizing on the massive opportunity to provide the world’s most populous nation with a platform to connect people who want to help with those needing help, Rang De started the direct online lending platform in 2008. Created for people of India, allowing Indians in any part of the world to invest in India’s Poor. How Does Rang De Work Very simple – People needing loans are listed on along with a short note on why they need the loan, the loan amount needed and the …


Frontier Markets : Bringing Useful and Affordable Consumer Products to Rural India

The 4 billion poor around the world – people who live on less than $2 a day, have largely been viewed as weak and dependent on others for their survival. Frontier Markets wants to change all that forever. Charity organizations raise millions of dollars in donations ever year to provide free food, clothing and services to the poor and many a times unknowingly dictate how they should live and what they should eat. Rarely are the poor viewed as people with purchasing power who would need products that could help make their life easier and like us may need wide range of options to choose from. If today we want to buy a TV we go to a store where we have hundreds of brands, abundance of features and prices to choose from. In addition easy financing options available right in the store help us pay for the purchase. However on the other hand poor rarely have products that are designed for their lifestyle or that fit their budget. They’ve never been considered as serious …


Micro-finance Explained : A Sneak Peek into the World of Micro-finance

Micro-finance has become a buzzword in the social sector and viewed as a silver bullet for eradicating poverty. This column is designed to help you gain some basic knowledge on micro-finance, it’s role in poverty alleviation and the current happenings in this space. What is Micro-finance? Micro-finance refers to providing financial services – credit and savings ‐ to the poor who are running small businesses or would like to start one and are in need of capital. Small loans for small businesses, with focus on providing credit is the way the industry has evolved over the past 30 years. In our world it’s relatively easy to obtain credit, we have banks who are more than eager to give loans however on the other hand banks are reluctant to service the poor as they often do not have the required collateral and are considered high-risk by any self respecting bank. With the banking system out of their realm, the poor (earning less than $2 a day) often fall prey to private moneylenders who loan at high …