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Robin Hood Tax: Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Millions Worldwide Plan the World’s Biggest Bank Job

The Robin Hood Tax is a proposed tax on banks and financial institutions, that would raise hundreds of billions every year, to address problems of poverty and climate change worldwide. The idea Remember Robin Hood? He took from the rich and gave to the poor. And looked a bit like Russel Crowe. The Robin Hood tax does exactly that, except in this case, the ‘rich’ are banking and financial institutions. And the ‘poor’ are the public services, poverty and climate change issues worldwide. The current financial crisis and recession have left a massive hole in the public finances of several EU countries, as well as the US. Jobs and public services are at risk in developed countries, while many developing countries also face severe problems, the biggest being poverty and climate change. The Robin Hood tax attempts to clear up the mess the way Robin Hood would! Hundreds of Thousands of Robin Hood supporters worldwide believe that banks, hedge funds and the rest of the financial sector should pay their fair share to clear up …


Relief Riders: Combining Adventure Travel with Humanitarian Causes

Relief Riders International is a one-of-its-kind adventure travel company that leads relief missions on horseback. Participants travel for 14 days on horseback riding village to village, through the beautiful desert landscapes of India and Turkey, while delivering aid to remote communities that lack basic medical facilities and opportunities to make a living. Back in 2003, Relief Riders founder Alexander Souri dreamed of combining his passion with giving back to society. From this desire, Relief Riders was born. The first Relief Ride kicked off in 2004 and since then, riders from all over the world have ridden through India, and now Turkey to provide humanitarian assistance to communities in need. To date, their efforts have provided relief to over 16,000 villagers. Alexander of course knows a lot about horses, and provides detailed information via the Relief Riders website about the horses chosen for each ride, their history and temperament. Participants can usually choose between 2 to 3 rides that take place every year. Each ride is approximately 14 days long and takes place in a different …


MumbaiSmiles : A Fresh Approach to Addressing Urban Poverty

Mumbai Smiles is a non-profit organization based out of India, Spain and Mexico, focused on providing quality education, health services and livelihood opportunities for families living in the slums of Mumbai. The non-profit was born in 2005 when Spanish journalist and writer Jaume Sanllorente was on a holiday to Mumbai, India. His experience with the under-privileged inspired him to quit his job as a journalist, go back to university, and kick start Mumbai Smiles, in order to improve the living conditions of slum dwellers in the city of Mumbai. Why Mumbai Smiles are Unique Mumbai Smiles operates out of several of Mumbai’s lesser known slums in the suburb of Andheri. All their current efforts are focused around developing these few communities, so that children, as well as adults are benefited. In all activities, the community always provides input and feedback. This ensures that programs are successful at meeting the needs of the community. For example, the children of slum dwellers attend state of the art pre-schools. The teachers at these pre-schools are from the same …


Micro-finance Explained : A Sneak Peek into the World of Micro-finance

Micro-finance has become a buzzword in the social sector and viewed as a silver bullet for eradicating poverty. This column is designed to help you gain some basic knowledge on micro-finance, it’s role in poverty alleviation and the current happenings in this space. What is Micro-finance? Micro-finance refers to providing financial services – credit and savings ‐ to the poor who are running small businesses or would like to start one and are in need of capital. Small loans for small businesses, with focus on providing credit is the way the industry has evolved over the past 30 years. In our world it’s relatively easy to obtain credit, we have banks who are more than eager to give loans however on the other hand banks are reluctant to service the poor as they often do not have the required collateral and are considered high-risk by any self respecting bank. With the banking system out of their realm, the poor (earning less than $2 a day) often fall prey to private moneylenders who loan at high …


How Outsourcing is Helping People Overcome Poverty

Outsourcing has been in the news for good and bad reasons – more often developing countries such as India have been portrayed in the negative for being large hubs of outsourced work. Outsourcing can have a positive side where its proving to be a powerful tool for helping people come out of poverty worldwide including in the United States.