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Social Media & Citizen Activism Powering India’s New Freedom Movement [UPDATED]

In 1947, India earned its independance from 320 years of British occupation and rule. This was the culmination of several important events that took place starting with the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857, the arrest of Lokmanya Tilak in 1908 and the uprising escalating over the years, into the Quit India Movement in August 1942. In 1880, Lokmanya Tilak recognized the need for an independent newspaper and magazine focused on the efforts to liberate India from British administration. He started his own newspaper (The Kesri) and published articles about various movements taking place across the country. Information and leads came to him via friends in activist organizations all over the country. In 1905 the British Government, wanting to crush the freedom of expression which was now threatening their establishment, arrested Tilak and convicted him under the charge of sedition to 6 years of rigorous imprisonment on the Andaman Islands where political prisoners and troublemakers were detained. The Andaman Cellular Jail was supposed to be the Alcatraz of colonial SE Asia, impossible to escape from, with inmates …

18DaysInEgypt : People Collaborate to Keep the Revolution Alive

For the very first time a revolution led by the masses and powered by the web ended a 30 year reign of a brutal dictator in just 18 days. Now these very people are being called upon to make a documentary ‘18 Days in Egypt’ in a way never done before. 18 Days in Egypt aims to be a crowd-sourced documentary about what happened there during those days of revolution. The project is being led by a former New York Times video journalist Jigar Mehta, who is calling upon the people who participated in the revolution to now contribute the social media content they created during those 18 days. Throughout the 18 day period, people made excessive use of social media tools be it Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or Flickr to communicate, organize and engage the entire world. Jigar Mehta is now asking these people to revisit their tweets, videos, pictures and to add specific tags – #18daysinegypt, the day it was done #jan25, #jan26, #jan27….#feb11, the location #tahrir, #heliopolis, #alexandria, #suez, #ndpbuilding and other specific …

Twitter : Call for Volunteers to Help with Translation

Twitter needs you – to help more people all over the world use Twitter and to take advantage of it’s awesome power. Twitter is calling on passionate users to help translate Twitter into more languages. To manage crowd-sourced translation, Twitter has launched a translation center which allows Twitter users to sign up, choose a language and begin translating immediately. Translators can now help localize,, Twitter for iPhone and iPad, Twitter for Android, Twitter Help and the Twitter Business Center. Twitter is currently seeking for volunteers to help translate in French, Indonesian, Italian, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish. If you speak any of the above languages and would like to help spread the goodness of Twitter, head over to and follow @translator for the latest updates. As recognition of your volunteer work, you’ll receive a special badge on your public Twitter profile displaying your status as an official Twitter Translator.