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Hack For Change Delivers : 17 Cool Apps That Can Change Your World

This past weekend group of designers and hackers gathered at’s San Francisco headquarters to participate in a 24 hours hackathon, called HackforChange. A 100 passionate people put aside their weekend to create 17 world changing apps. The event was not about building the next Fortune 500 company, but rather about creating socially innovative apps that can help make the world a better place. Team GoodNeighbor won the event, and received the 5K USD prize money, with Anonymouse and Findmeapet, taking second and third place. Team Alerter received a honorable mention.

Football Prevents Child Marriages and Drug Abuse

This is the story of a football club, where the only criteria to join is compulsory attendance to classes in basic English, Math and Hindi. How kids drop out of school to marry young Ashok Rathore was born to a family of fishermen in Mumbai. He went to a Government school along with his friends. Students in these school easily make it to Grade 4 without having to study. There was no real pressure to study or to pass exams. In grade 5, the kids are introduced to English which they are expected to pass, since they are not habituated to studying, most kids drop out at grade 5 in order to work on the street. Selling fish on the street was quick money for most of Ashok’s class mates. Half the money they made, contributed to household expenses while the rest was spent on alcohol, gambling or substance abuse. The parents did not mind the extra money, and encouraged these kids to work. However, when things got out of control, the parents in an …