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Jagriti Yatra : Learn About India’s Startup Train

There is a famous quote of Thomas Edison which I truly believe in when it comes to starting something new – “I find out what the world needs, then I proceed to invent” – T Edison. I was delighted to see that in India some people are actually putting this quote to the test, there is a massive initiative underway that’s designed to nurture entrepreneurship with this approach. The program called Jagriti Yatra (Journey of Awakening) is an annual train ride that takes hundreds of India’s highly motivated youth across the length and breadth of the country, exposing them to the needs and concerns of the masses with the idea that they would go back and start something that would serve those needs and contribute towards the overall development of the country. Jagriti Yatra has been running successfully for the past 5 years and is highly sought after. In 2012, for 450 spots, the organization received more than 17000 applications. These numbers speak highly about the enthusiasm amongst India’s youth to serve the country. The yatra …


Guide To Changing The World With A Kickstarter Launch

If you are using consumerism to change the world, Kickstarter is a great place to fund and launch your business. Many changemakers with consumer ideas have met with overwhelming fundraising success by tapping into the fact that people love getting stuff. Kickstarter, the largest and most popular crowdfunding site, allows anyone to fund creative ideas on the planform in exchange for rewards which are mostly creative, tangible and fairly priced products. On Kickstarter and Indiegogo, the other popular crowdfunding site, backers are looking to contribute to projects where they could possibly get something really cool and inspiring in exchange. Changemakers  with consumer ideas are able to offer niche and inspiring products, thus attracting backers and hitting their fundraising target, at times closing much higher than their initial fundraising goal. Take for instance, 1:FaceWatch, a simple, stylish watch that comes in six colors, each color representing a cause that part of the purchase price will go to. The project was founded by brand development firm Mirza Minds, who wanted to use the power of consumers to change the …

The Mend Messenger Bag from Invisible Children

Five Designer Brands That Are Helping Women Rise

On the occasion of the International Women’s Day, March 8th, we’ll like to highlight  five brands that are using the power of commerce  and design to uplift marginalized women. They are doing this by bringing beautifully crafted, one of a kind products to the  global markets, handmade by female artisans from the developing world.  These brands are using trade instead of aid to help women beat  poverty. 31 Bits: A jewelry company that works with women artisans from Northern Uganda. The female artisans handicraft  the jewelry  using 100% recycled paper and other locally sourced materials. The California-based  31 Bits, has created a buzz around their jewelry collection, with Jessica Alba and few other celebrities being spotted wearing their stunningly beautiful pieces. Bliss: Works with adolescents girls and women from Pakistan, teaching them embroidery and needlework on fabric, which are then finished into stylish  handbags for sale in global markets. Available in vibrant colors and hues, Bliss bags boasts of traditional embroidery and design from different regions of Pakistan, which the girls in the program design and …


Happy Social Business Day!

June 28th is Professor Muhammad Yunus’ birthday, and in his honour, Grameen Creative Labs declares this day as World Social Business Day. A day to celebrate and promote the concept of Social Business – inclusive commerce aimed at creating a better world.