World Traveling CFO, In Search Of His Social Venture

We’d like to introduce you to a Frenchman who has given up his well paying job, first world luxuries, and comforts of being at home to travel the world for one full year. This self funded journey is not a holiday but an adventure to learn about social issues and social ventures world over. Read more


Four Social Incubators That Can Rock Your Startup World

Four startup incubators that are exclusively for social entrepreneurs, they have the expertise and connections to help nurture your social ventures and are sensitive and accommodative of the tension between managing and valuing social outcomes over profit. Read more


Five Social Startups That Will Make You Go Wow!

The Social Capital Market (SOCAP) conference in San Francisco last week, provides a platform to social startups from around the globe to pitch their business ideas and showcase their products to the world. I picked five of the most interesting, simply because I was so wow-ed by the ingenuity of their innovation and the need they were filling. Read more


Happy Social Business Day!

June 28th is Professor Muhammad Yunus’ birthday, and in his honour, Grameen Creative Labs declares this day as World Social Business Day. A day to celebrate and promote the concept of Social Business – inclusive commerce aimed at creating a better world. Read more

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