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Jab Jab Jab Right Hook

Give, Give, Give, Ask – The Formula To Getting The Most From Your Social Media Marketing

If you haven’t heard of Gary Vaynerchuk, its time you take note. He is the most important person in social media marketing right now and currently making a big splash with his latest book – Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook: How to Tell Your Story In A Noisy, Social World. The book is an outcome of what he has learned from his successful social media consulting work with Fortune 500 companies and startups. I just finished reading Gary’s book and it has completely changed my approach towards social media marketing. It made me realize that a lot of what I’ve been doing with social media is wrong. In fact if I look at the feed of most of the social good brands that I follow, even they’ve not got it right. It’s not about sharing only when you’ve got something to say or ask, “read my article”, “donate to my cause”, “buy my fair-trade tshirt”. It’s about Give Give, Give and Then Ask. Gary uses this boxing  analogy to explain his social media strategy, which in …

Scott Harrison Founder of Charity Water

Charity:Water Explains How They Use Social Media To Raise Millions Online

Charity:Water is unarguably one of the best brands when it comes to using social media to raise funds. Over 60% of their donations are raised online which is remarkable given that most nonprofits still struggle at online fundraising. Also unlike other nonprofits who prefer to raise big money from few major donors, Charity:Water’s fundraising strategy at its core is about raising small amounts of money from thousands of individual donors. Our focus at charity: water is on building a grassroots movement of inspired people actively giving, fundraising and influencing their peers. We have amazing major donors, but the real power of the movement is delivered by thousands of normal people running their own word-of-mouth marketing campaigns for the water cause. Paull Young, Director of Digital, Charity:Water Though only seven years old the nonprofit has had tremendous success with their fundraising strategy with over 100 million dollars raised from over 500,000+ people. Charity:Water claims to spend zero dollars on marketing. Social media is clearly the fuel that powers their growth, they excel at using the web to communicate …

Images taken from the charity:water media kit

Why You Will Soon Donate To Charity:Water Over Other Nonprofits

When I first heard about Charity:Water in 2010 I did not give them much thought, however over the past couple years it’s been hard to not notice them especially in Silicon Valley. The name Charity:Water keeps popping up in the news and on the web far more often than any other nonprofit.  Living in Silicon Valley, you tend to notice  tech blogs and I’ve increasingly found Charity:Water’s use of technology and social media getting well deserved coverage. I’ve also begun to notice Charity:Water often being Tweeted and Instagrammed by famous tech entrepreneurs like Jack Dorsey and Chris Sacca. All this social media success that Charity:Water is enjoying really peaked my interest and I wanted to find out more and see what it is that they are doing differently. It didn’t take long to see why are they doing so good and growing at a phenomenally high rate, doubling down on funds raised year over year and that too from a vast number of small individual donors. As per their 2011 financial report, In 2010, they …


A Very Brit Response to the London Riots – Operation Cup of Tea (Updated)

Operation Cup of Tea, an anti riot campaign is asking Londoners to Stay In and Drink Tea. Started by Sam Pepper, some 15 hrs ago, the campaign very quickly went viral on Facebook and Twitter, with over 150,000 people signed-up on their Facebook page and the hashtag #operationcupoftea has been trending on twitter for quite a while today. The campaign asks people to stay in and drink a nice cup of tea instead of rioting. You are also expected to post a picture of your cup of tea on their Facebook page. To learn more vist their Facebook page (Update) – Since we last wrote about Operation Cup of Tea on the 9th of August, (the day it started) a lot has happened. The movement has gone really big, with over 300,000 people participating on Facebook and an equally large number on Twitter. They now have a formal website and are selling official anti-riot tea through their website, 100% of the proceeds will go towards the London riot clean-up. Sam Pepper, the organizer of …


18DaysInEgypt : People Collaborate to Keep the Revolution Alive

For the very first time a revolution led by the masses and powered by the web ended a 30 year reign of a brutal dictator in just 18 days. Now these very people are being called upon to make a documentary ‘18 Days in Egypt’ in a way never done before. 18 Days in Egypt aims to be a crowd-sourced documentary about what happened there during those days of revolution. The project is being led by a former New York Times video journalist Jigar Mehta, who is calling upon the people who participated in the revolution to now contribute the social media content they created during those 18 days. Throughout the 18 day period, people made excessive use of social media tools be it Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or Flickr to communicate, organize and engage the entire world. Jigar Mehta is now asking these people to revisit their tweets, videos, pictures and to add specific tags – #18daysinegypt, the day it was done #jan25, #jan26, #jan27….#feb11, the location #tahrir, #heliopolis, #alexandria, #suez, #ndpbuilding and other specific …


Twitter : Call for Volunteers to Help with Translation

Twitter needs you – to help more people all over the world use Twitter and to take advantage of it’s awesome power. Twitter is calling on passionate users to help translate Twitter into more languages. To manage crowd-sourced translation, Twitter has launched a translation center which allows Twitter users to sign up, choose a language and begin translating immediately. Translators can now help localize,, Twitter for iPhone and iPad, Twitter for Android, Twitter Help and the Twitter Business Center. Twitter is currently seeking for volunteers to help translate in French, Indonesian, Italian, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish. If you speak any of the above languages and would like to help spread the goodness of Twitter, head over to and follow @translator for the latest updates. As recognition of your volunteer work, you’ll receive a special badge on your public Twitter profile displaying your status as an official Twitter Translator.


Klout : Increase your Nonprofits Influence across Social Networks

Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn etc) has opened new doors for nonprofits to spread their message far and wide and to engage and recruit new members, advocates, donors and volunteers for their causes. Almost all nonprofits use social media actively, spending considerable hours of their working time to post, tweet and engage with their online audience. Now here is a great tool, Klout which nonprofits can use to be more effective and smart about increasing their influence and authority across the social web. What is Klout? Klout is a tool that measures user influence and identifies influencers on topics across the social web. Currently available for Twitter, Facebook personal profiles (they plan to soon extend their technology for Facebook Pages) and a beta version for LinkedIn, Nonprofits can all round measure their influence and connect with influencers to radically increase their overall online reach. How it Works? Go to the Klout website and create an account using your twitter account. Once you’ve created your profile you can add-in other networks (Facebook and LinkedIn) to …