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Why Top Silicon Valley Investors Are Backing This Nonprofit Startup

[youtube] Chase shares the story of Watsi with others at Startup School. Watsi is a less than 2 year old non-profit that has managed to get a star studded list of Silicon Valley investors backing them.  They have built a Kickstarter like crowd-funding platform to source money for the medical treatment of poor in the developing world. Watsi is the very first non-profit that got into the world famous tech incubator Y-combinator. Paul Graham the founder of Y-combinator personally sent a mail inviting Watsi to join and has invested his own money to help them build out their vision. In addition to this they have raised money from Ron Conway (Twitter, Facebook and Google Investor), Vinod Khosla (Sun Microsystems and Khosla Ventures) and Tencent (Chinese Tech Giant) to name a few. So how did Chase Adam (Founder of Watsi) who has just returned from years of service as a Peace Corp volunteer in remote areas of Central America manage to so quickly break into Silicon Valley and create a top-tier non-profit startup.

Saving Your Loved T-Shirts – Project Repat On How They Went From Idea to Success

Got t-shirts in your closet that you no longer wear and don’t really want to get rid of either. We all have old t-shirts that we want to hold onto since they have so many fond memories attached.  Project Repat offers you an excellent  way to declutter your closet and at the same time preserve your t-shirt memories forever. All you need to do is send them your old t-shirts and they would flip it into a hip new blanket that you could use to stay warm or just keep around your house. Project Repat launched their custom t-shirt blanket through a Groupon campaign last year and it was an instant hit, within a week they sold over 2000 blankets with over 1500 people shipping hordes of their old t-shirts to their office to be memorialized forever. Since then the demand for their service has only been skyrocketing, hitting over $1 million dollars in sales in just over a year. Their popularity is not surprising considering that in America people get t-shirts for almost every …

GiveForward – On Growing The #1 Medical Fundraising Website

GiveForward is a website that aims to rescue people in their most difficult of times. When people are overcome with sickness and bills, GiveForward steps in to help individuals raise funds for their loved ones suffering from a medical condition and struggling to pay bills. GiveForward is a unique web based fundraising platform that is exclusively focused on helping people raise money for medical expenses. In the US there are over 400 billion dollars of out-of-pocket medical expenses that are not covered by insurance, 1 out of every 5 Americans (18 – 65 age group) are struggling to pay medical bills – that sums up to a mind boggling number of over 54 million Americans hurting from medical expenses (* Statistics provided by GiveForward) As of today GiveForward has helped thousands of people raise millions of dollars for things like general medical expenses, cancer treatment, transplants, funeral costs and disaster-relief. We first introduced this amazing  social startup to our readers back in 2011. We recently had the opportunity to connect back with the co-founder Ethan Austin …