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GiveForward – On Growing The #1 Medical Fundraising Website

GiveForward is a website that aims to rescue people in their most difficult of times. When people are overcome with sickness and bills, GiveForward steps in to help individuals raise funds for their loved ones suffering from a medical condition and struggling to pay bills. GiveForward is a unique web based fundraising platform that is exclusively focused on helping people raise money for medical expenses. In the US there are over 400 billion dollars of out-of-pocket medical expenses that are not covered by insurance, 1 out of every 5 Americans (18 – 65 age group) are struggling to pay medical bills – that sums up to a mind boggling number of over 54 million Americans hurting from medical expenses (* Statistics provided by GiveForward) As of today GiveForward has helped thousands of people raise millions of dollars for things like general medical expenses, cancer treatment, transplants, funeral costs and disaster-relief. We first introduced this amazing  social startup to our readers back in 2011. We recently had the opportunity to connect back with the co-founder Ethan Austin …

StartuParty: Bringing Silicon Valley Optimism to Italy

StartuParty is a tech entrepreneur meetup, Italian style. It’s a mixture of silicon valley pitch events, a techno dance party, and a garden mixer all in one night, under one roof. Italians love to mingle and socialize around their passions, so it’s not a shock that the StartuParty pitch sessions (5 minutes for 5 pitches/event) had travel apps, collaborative games, and social network ideas.

Free Empathy, Want to Feel Awesome or Be Heard? The Web Can Help Out

How great would it be to have someone to tell you how awesome you are all the time? Time and again we all need some empathy or just someone to talk to – well how about some free empathy from strangers?

Zachary Burt (ZB) is up to something great on the internet. He founded two unique websites – Awesomeness Reminders and CompassionPit, both of which are doing amazingly well. Each of these sites allow anonymous people to engage in listening and sharing something that makes their days just a little bit better.

33needs : A Brand New Way to Raise Funds to Fix the World’s Biggest Problems

33needs is an online platform that allows social enterprises (for-profit companies in the business of doing good) to raise funds from people anywhere in the world. The funders are the everyday common people who put in small amounts of money to help social businesses to kick start or scale. This new fundraising model called crowd-financing already exist in other sectors ( for creative projects – music, flim, art) but for the first time 33needs brings this new way of raising funds to the social space, giving social enterprises a powerful platform to raise capital and for the investors a simple, direct way to do good by investing in social businesses. The 33needs model is simple: social enterprises list their projects along with a short video to pitch their idea, set a fundraising goal and an offer of sharing financial rewards for a limited period with the investors. They get a 30 or 60 days window on the platform to raise funds. If the goal is reached by the deadline, then everyone’s charged. If the goal’s …