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Dig Social Change? Your Turn to Participate!

The NSEF Authors of Change program provides internship opportunities for students to work with social enterprises for a 2 month period, and participate first hand in the social revolution in India. The program has partnered with social ventures all over India, and is now accepting applications from students. This year, about 30 social enterprises have offered around 60 challenging roles.

Twitter : Call for Volunteers to Help with Translation

Twitter needs you – to help more people all over the world use Twitter and to take advantage of it’s awesome power. Twitter is calling on passionate users to help translate Twitter into more languages. To manage crowd-sourced translation, Twitter has launched a translation center which allows Twitter users to sign up, choose a language and begin translating immediately. Translators can now help localize,, Twitter for iPhone and iPad, Twitter for Android, Twitter Help and the Twitter Business Center. Twitter is currently seeking for volunteers to help translate in French, Indonesian, Italian, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish. If you speak any of the above languages and would like to help spread the goodness of Twitter, head over to and follow @translator for the latest updates. As recognition of your volunteer work, you’ll receive a special badge on your public Twitter profile displaying your status as an official Twitter Translator.

Wikipedia and the Massive Power of Common People

Wikipedia has become indispensable in todays world. Almost everyone with internet access relies on Wikepedia for information. It has become part of our very life and a critical source of knowledge to billions of people worldwide. Nearly 400 million people use Wikipedia and its sister sites every month which make 4.8 billion people every year – almost a third of the Internet-connected world uses it every month. Though we all know Wikipedia as a powerful single source for almost all of human knowledge, this column is to highlight the model and the people behind Wikipedia. 100% Powered by Volunteers and Donations Wikipedia is the work of thousands of volunteers around the world who collaborate over the internet to write and edit articles. All the articles that we read are 100% written by volunteers, mostly anonymous who work for free. The rapid, unstoppable growth that Wikipedia has achieved in just under a decade may not have been possible if not for the founders adopting the openly editable model. The openly editable model allows people from any …