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Teach for All : Providing Top Notch Teachers to Help Children in Poor Schools

Teach for All, a network of organizations worldwide that provide opportunities for college grads and young professionals to teach full-time for 2 years in under-resourced schools for a modest stipend.

Schools in low-income communities often suffer from a lack of resources and infrastructure such as understaffed classrooms, low quality teachers, lack of tools and new methodologies. Further children attending such schools are confronted with other problems related to poverty that is poor health, work demands at home, uneducated parents who are unable to assist with studies. All these factors lead to children performing poorly in classroom as a result of which children lose interest, refrain from attending schools and eventually drop-out thus remaining illiterate and missing out on the one most promising opportunity to better their lives.

The Teach for All model is designed to draw on the talent pool of the country, to recruit and engage the best and brightest of minds to contribute two years of their lives to teach in schools needing attention and to help children succeed. Volunteers referred as Fellows or Corps are given rigorous training and equipped with the necessary tools before being placed in schools and coached throughout the two year period. The uniqueness of the model besides placing the best of talent in low-income schools is nurturing and building a robust network of ex Fellows/Corps (volunteers who’ve dedicated two years of their life for this program). Impacted by the first hand experience of teaching in schools and understanding the problems and challenges faced by the children, alumni often take on leadership role, either directly by being part of the system as teachers or principals or in whatever role they occupy in their career – they continue to take keen interest and help children.

The simplicity and the power of the approach has led to rapid spread of the Teach for All model across the globe. Today 18 countries including America, UK, Australia, Argentina, Chile, Germany and very recently India are enlisting the brightest of talent to address the problem of education inequity in their respective countries. Teach for America has had over 28,000 college grads teach to date and is the recruiter of choice on the Ivy League campuses. Teach for India had their first batch of Fellows placed in 2009 and is currently offering placement opportunities in under-resourced schools in Delhi, Mumbai and Pune.

To learn more about Teach for All and the location of their programs visit

If you are in India and keen to teach, visit

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Deepa Chaudhary

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