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The Ugly Indian or The Better India – What’s your Take?

The Ugly Indian and The Better India are two incredibly great initiatives, targeted at invoking and engaging Indians to build a better India however the approaches they use are very different and interesting.

The Ugly Indian is about using guilt as the motivating factor to get Indians to take action and make positive changes. They highlight everyday issues and frustrations that millions of Indian face and have now developed a high level of tolerance for – littered pathways, stained walls, open urination, potholes etc. The aim is to shock and move Indians to take action, and till today they’ve been pretty successful in their approach. In Bangalore they’ve completely transformed certain streets and locations with the help of local residents and are gaining huge traction everyday. The group behind this initiative prefers to stay anonymous and believes that it’s not so much about the money and systems but people’s attitude and behavior that can make a radical difference in the kind of India we would like it to be.

The Better India on the other hand is a news site that publishes happy, positive stories about India and people who are doing great work to make India better. By focusing on solutions rather than problems and by highlighting people who are bringing change they hope to inspire Indians to take greater actions and to build on the positive momentum.

The Better India’s style is positive and passive, through spreading great stories of change they hope to inspire positive conversations and actions. The Ugly Indian is about highlighting what’s not working, making Indians see the ugliness in front of them and to take action.

Who do you think will get better results? Do you think one playing the good and the other the bad will together have an impact. Let us know in the comments below:

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