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Twitter has turned 5 years old on March 21st . Over these last 5 years Twitter has dramatically changed the way we communicate, connect and discover the world around us and has emerged as an incredible force for good. With 200 million people and growing, Twitter is being used in so many useful and important ways, making our world a better place.

4 Great Uses of Twitter

During Disaster/Emergency Situations: In times of disasters like the recent Japan and New Zealand Earthquakes, people have used twitter to bring the latest from the ground and to effectively coordinate relief/help efforts through use of hashtags. Two Tweeters that kept the world informed throughout the Japan Disasters @tokyoreporter and @TimeOutTokyo were far more effective than the mainstream media in bringing minute to minute news at a lightning speed. The hashtags used to communicate and coordinate relief efforts in the recent disasters, Japan – #Japan, #hopeforJapan, New Zealand Earthquake – #NZearthquake, Australia Floods – #QldFloods

Powering Freedom Movements: As seen in the case of Tunisia, Egypt and the other ongoing freedom movements in the Middle East, Twitter has played a pivotal role in powering these revolutions. It has served as an incredible platform to communicate, organize and ignite social change. Hashtags such as #tunisia, #sidibouzid, #tahir, #egypt, #Jan25 have served as great tools in these movements, keeping the revolutionaries connected and the world informed. One of the tweets which showcases the power of twitter “I just watched a government fall on Twitter while #CNN interviewed the Jeopardy host about a robot contestant”

Effecting Social Change: Twitter is being used by social change organizations to power their causes. It has opened a totally new way for these organizations to grow their pool of donors, volunteers and advocates, all very essential resources in bringing change on the ground. More and more nonprofits are using twitter everyday to communicate and engage.

Acquiring Knowledge: Twitter is an amazing tool to stay up to date, acquire new knowledge and to directly learn from experts in the field. Twitter has definitely helped bring learning outside the classroom and provided a platform for people to continuously update their knowledge. One can look for experts to follow by using Twitter’s ‘suggested users’ section.

Besides, Twitter being used by people in so many positive ways, Twitter as an organization has also put in resources to help do-gooders get most out of the platform. To learn about Twitter’s resources for nonprofits, visit

Few of the great ways people are using Twitter

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