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Uber cool Sunglasses from PROOF raise money for Causes

Every once in a while, you come across a fantastic bunch of people doing amazing things and doing good at the same time. PROOF are that kind of company.

PROOF makes amazingly well-designed sunglasses from wood. Sustainable and eco-friendly wood. And they use their profits to fund charitable projects worldwide. What’s more, when you grow out of your shades, you can return them back to PROOF to be recycled, and receive a discount on the latest model!
Their mission: LOOK GOOD. DO GOOD. Can’t go wrong with that.

PROOF founder Brooks says they started making wood sunglasses in his garage for fun:

“We thought we would crank out a couple of pairs and then it just kept snowballing. We were getting more and more buzz and more interest. Someone would get a pair, tell a friend and it just kept going. We get a lot of love from our fans. They spread the word and we owe a lot to them.”

Check out their current models. There’s a massive difference between the “wood-like” finish on sunglasses and the real deal. The shades are priced starting at $90 and up to $130.

Wood! What about the environment?

The wood used in frames comes from sustainable sources, including bamboo. Bamboo grows really fast, so it can be grown and harvested as a building material without impact on the environment. Learn more here.

The company also offers the worlds first ever sunglasses recycling program. If your shades are damaged or you simply want to move to a different style, you can send your shades back to PROOF and they will recycle them for you. The frame’s are turned into sawdust for use in animal bedding or fuel pellets used to heat up homes. In return you get a discount on your next pair of shades for participating in the program.

Doing Good

PROOF started out as a socially minded for-profit company to help raise money for charities that they care about. In the founder’s words:

“We wanted to create a company that was about more than just making money. We built PROOF so that it would be self sustaining and have the ability to give back perpetually.”

So a large portion of their profits goes to fund social endeavors across the world including: Eye clinics in India that give sight-giving surgeries to those that can’t afford it. Helping reforestation efforts in Hati, education projects on Native American Reservations, and Child Soldier rehab in Africa. They are looking to add more projects in the future.

For the next 20 hours PROOF are offering a nice deal to project supporters on their Kickstarter page where they’re already passed their funding target. You can grab the opportunity to get a good deal on a pair of PROOFs today!

You can also stay connected via their Facebook page for info on upcoming models.